Posted in GRAND PRIX OMAHA 2015 on January 11, 2015

By Marc Calderaro

What Are You Playing & Why?

With a metagame as diverse as Modern, the simple question, “What Are You Playing & Why?” can yield deceptively complex answers.  I talked to many different players and got completely different responses.  Even with format pillars like Treasure Cruise, Dig Through Time, and Siege Rhino, there is still tons of play within this crazy-deep format.

(4) Reid Duke – “Blue-Red Delver.  It’s got a good match-up against Birthing Pod, and Treasure Cruise is too powerful not to play with.”

(10) Ari Lax – “Domain Zoo.  It plays all the best cards, and the attrition-based decks don’t exist anymore thanks to Delver.” 

Craig Wescoe – “Domain Zoo.  It plays Wild Nacatls, and that’s kinda my thing.”

Pat Cox – “Scapeshift.  Ben S. [Stark] tested a lot with it.  He said it’s good against Blue-Red.”

(16) Josh Utter-Leyton – “Jeskai Ascendancy with Pyromancer Ascension.  It’s really powerful and really resilient, and I think it’s the right build against Delvers.”

Matthias Hunt – “Amulet Bloom Combo.  One year later, I still love the deck.  And Chalice of the Void is real good.”

Nathan Holiday – “Melira Pod.  Birthing Pod is still broken and Siege Rhino is great.”