9th - 32nd Decklists of Grand Prix Orlando 2018

Posted in Event Coverage on August 13, 2018

By Craig Jones

Decklists. Do you want more decklists? Here are the decks that finished 9-32. Normally we only do 9-16, but players were good with submitting decklists online at Grand Prix Orlando 2018 and I thought I might as well take it all the way down to 32 considering I already had a bunch of them done.

The decklists for Joseph Bakanovic (26th) and Trey Caporale (28th) were not online or in the pile I was able to take back to the hotel with me, but from the metagame analysis I did earlier in the day I can tell you they played Grixis Midrange and RB Aggro.

As for the rest, enjoy:

Chris McAlexander's Esper Control

Brian Lee's UW Control

Tim Harris's Mostly-Red Aggro

Jaelin Funk's RB Aggro

Robert Berni's Mostly-Red Aggro

Nicholas Odenheimer's Mono-Red Wizards

Roshen Eapen's RB Aggro

Wyatt Darby's RB Aggro

Manuel Orellana's RB Aggro

Andrew Jessup's RB Aggro

Peter Ingram's Turbo Fog

Pedro Juste's Steel Leaf Stompy

Fernando Machado's RB Aggro

Vincent Daniels's RB Aggro

William Lou's Turbo Fog