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By Wizards of the Coast

Table Player   Opponent
458 Andre-Lesperance, Alex [CAN] vs. Hendrickson, Roge [CAN]
457 Moazen-Sayad, Pedram [CAN] vs. Cannons, Matthew [CAN]
456 Storey, Derek [CAN] vs. Vance, Michael [CAN]
455 Farand, Herve [CAN] vs. Mackie, Max [CAN]
454 Mallahi, Riyath [USA] vs. Lessard, Guy [CAN]
453 Scott, Kevin [CAN] vs. Proulx, Simon [CAN]
452 Smith, Eric [CAN] vs. Hamel, Simon [CAN]
451 Dunn, Matthew O [CAN] vs. Brunet, Martin [CAN]
450 Chatoor, Clinton [CAN] vs. Pollard, Brent [CAN]
449 Smith, Chris [CAN] vs. Cousineau, Pearl [CAN]
448 Bester, Wesley [CAN] vs. Schambier, Simon [CAN]
447 Holmes, Dominique [CAN] vs. Merson, Hugh [CAN]
446 Belanger Noël, Amelie [CAN] vs. Bergeron, Kyle [CAN]
445 Pare, Stephane [CAN] vs. Gourley, Dana [CAN]
444 Welburn, Maxime [CAN] vs. Tremblay, John [CAN]
443 Temkin, Ben [USA] vs. Krig, Oskar [CAN]
442 Lewis, Kyle [CAN] vs. Betit, Jean-François [CAN]
441 Maltais, Marc-Andre [CAN] vs. Theriault, Philip [CAN]
440 McCormick, Caleb [CAN] vs. Levesque, Guillaume [CAN]
439 Gauthier-Andersen, Gab [CAN] vs. Laursen, Astrid [CAN]
438 Caskenette-Morris, Sha [CAN] vs. Asselstine, Aaron [CAN]
437 Downing, Eric [USA] vs. MacKinnon, Matthew [CAN]
436 Michon, Erik [CAN] vs. Hayman, Tim [CAN]
435 Murphy, Justin [CAN] vs. Bernier, Marc-Andre [CAN]
434 Zou, Xin [CAN] vs. Pyke, Steve [CAN]
433 Awad, Ron [CAN] vs. Morrison, Matthew [CAN]
432 Garcia Perez, Ignacio [ESP] vs. Lawrence, Ewan [CAN]
431 Lewis, Richelle [CAN] vs. Destrempes, Marc-Andre [CAN]
430 Lallier, Oscar [CAN] vs. Youngs, Kurtis [CAN]
429 Maini, Quentin [CAN] vs. Rousseau, Patrice [CAN]
428 Grenier, Melissa [CAN] vs. Carter, Harrison [CAN]
427 Dupuis, Mireille [CAN] vs. Lewis, Michael [CAN]
426 Oddy, Graeme [CAN] vs. Brault, Guillaume [CAN]
425 Hird, Mitchell [CAN] vs. Pitman, Matt [CAN]
424 Shiels, Brian [USA] vs. Rauch, Matt [CAN]
423 Wigham, Wesley [USA] vs. Da Rosa, Anthony [CAN]
422 Malovic, Brister [CAN] vs. Little, Cameron [CAN]
421 McFarlane, Travis [CAN] vs. Paulsen, Dan [USA]
420 Duffy, Jacob [CAN] vs. Farnsworth, Harry [CAN]
419 Power, Christopher [CAN] vs. Farmer, Tref [USA]
418 Soto, Stefan [CAN] vs. Huang, Andy [CAN]
417 Bloos, Mitch [CAN] vs. Tolls, Daniel [CAN]
416 Laporte, Sylvain [CAN] vs. Adams, Michael [CAN]
415 Aubry, François-Xavier [CAN] vs. Chung, Steven [CAN]
414 Percy, Andrew [CAN] vs. Molnar, Scott [CAN]
413 MacDonald, Daniel [CAN] vs. Boudias, Axel [CAN]
412 Bellefeuille, Philipe [CAN] vs. Spitters, Tim [NLD]
411 Ball, Reid [CAN] vs. Mehta, Abhay [CAN]
410 Carter, Riley [CAN] vs. Aelick, Nicholas [CAN]
409 Mantha, Andrew [CAN] vs. Cocchio, Simon [CAN]
408 Cleary, Max [CAN] vs. Kiverago, Nicholas [CAN]
407 King, Mike [CAN] vs. Blum, Gil [USA]
406 Danilkow, Alex [CAN] vs. Jorgensen, Carsten [CAN]
405 Beryaltsev, Konstantin [CAN] vs. Dufour, Steve [CAN]
404 Mills, Jim [CAN] vs. Irons, Bill [CAN]
403 Hawkins, Jim [CAN] vs. Saumur, Marc [CAN]
402 Peterson, Joel [CAN] vs. Blouin, Philippe [CAN]
401 Couture, Dan [CAN] vs. Levesque, Christian [CAN]
400 Cayer, Alexandre [CAN] vs. Grover, Mark [CAN]
399 Charlebois, Dominic [CAN] vs. Shine, Julien [CAN]
398 Buott, Lee [CAN] vs. Hockney, Justin [CAN]
397 Gervais, Simon [CAN] vs. Beauchemin, Samuel [CAN]
396 Pedersen, Chris [CAN] vs. Macnaughton, Craig [CAN]
395 Bon-Miller, Alex [CAN] vs. Goupil, Jonathan [CAN]
394 Christensen, Jordan [CAN] vs. Strickland, David [USA]
393 Severin, John [CAN] vs. Renton, Stephen [CAN]
392 McEachern, Robert [CAN] vs. Clackdoyle, Duncan [CAN]
391 Murchison, Adrian [CAN] vs. Stewart, Logan [CAN]
390 Heersink, Samuel [CAN] vs. Oake, Christopher [CAN]
389 Awad, Thomas [CAN] vs. Crawford, Jonathan [CAN]
388 Gray, Andrew [CAN] vs. Ting-A-Kee, Andrew [CAN]
387 Duchesne Lachance, Pat [CAN] vs. Lepre, James [CAN]
386 Dare, Ivan [CAN] vs. Harger Rivero, Antônio [CAN]
385 Marsh, Jordan [CAN] vs. Bly, Michael [CAN]
384 Seguin, Desiree [CAN] vs. Mendes, Joaquim [CAN]
383 Morton, Daniel [CAN] vs. Asmus, Gilbert [CAN]
382 Porretti, Vincent [CAN] vs. Gascon, Louis [CAN]
381 Tremblay-Lecomte, Pasc [CAN] vs. Fontaine, Jessy [CAN]
380 Leclerc-O'Leary, matth [CAN] vs. Viel, Zachary [CAN]
379 Jette, Fabien [CAN] vs. Lortie-Davey, Patrick [CAN]
378 Pawelka, Andrew [CAN] vs. Menard, Nicolas [CAN]
377 Zidar, Lisa [CAN] vs. Pandya, Akash [CAN]
376 Duguay, Maxime [CAN] vs. Cherrier, Stephane [CAN]
375 Lachaine, Roch-Antoine [CAN] vs. Dubreuil, Patrice [CAN]
374 Quinlan, Shaun [CAN] vs. Yu, William [CAN]
373 Schnayer, Tobias [CAN] vs. Wagner, Joseph [USA]
372 Scurry, Christopher [CAN] vs. Hemsley, Matt [CAN]
371 Feng, Kevin [CAN] vs. Grayson, Shane [USA]
370 Gaudreau, Lincoln [CAN] vs. Bentley, Johnathan [CAN]
369 Faure, Stephane [CAN] vs. Lebeau, Jonathan [CAN]
368 Ramnarine, Brian [CAN] vs. Pineault, Mark [CAN]
367 Drouin, Adam [CAN] vs. Beaulieu, Vincent [CAN]
366 Guite, ely [CAN] vs. Tibbets, Nick [USA]
365 Splichal, Jakub [CAN] vs. Jean, Andre-Philippe [CAN]
364 Larking, James [CAN] vs. O. P., Christian [CAN]
363 Zalewski, Shawn [CAN] vs. Robillard, Kyle D [CAN]
362 Looby, Neil [CAN] vs. Hume, Rory [CAN]
361 Ho, Alvin [CAN] vs. Boyd, Alex [CAN]
360 St-Georges, Eric [CAN] vs. Chamberlain, Matthew [CAN]
359 Brain, Jeremy [CAN] vs. Gerrard, Richard [CAN]
358 Finn, Rob [CAN] vs. Miousse, Justin [CAN]
357 Vaillancourt, Sebastia [CAN] vs. Bourbeau-Pelletier, Ph [CAN]
356 Mahoney, Brock [CAN] vs. Gutwin, Emma [CAN]
355 Adams, Andrew [CAN] vs. Deslauriers, François [CAN]
354 Robert, Pierre Olivier [CAN] vs. Cayer, Christian [CAN]
353 Goyer, Stephane [CAN] vs. Berube Picard, Jeremi [CAN]
352 Piatek, Robert [CAN] vs. Robinson, Thomas [CAN]
351 Desmarais, Curtis [CAN] vs. Nadeau, Simon [CAN]
350 Peralta, Marcio [CAN] vs. Fortin, Pierre-Lu [CAN]
349 Ritchie, Jeff [CAN] vs. Savoie, Marc-Olivier [CAN]
348 Lambert, Michael [CAN] vs. Ramcharitar, Jerome [CAN]
347 Yassa, Mike [CAN] vs. Watson, Kevin [CAN]
346 Robinson, Andrew [CAN] vs. Fournier, Melanie [CAN]
345 Yaghi, Ayman [CAN] vs. Rochon, Jeremy [CAN]
344 Le Goff, Alexandre [CAN] vs. O'Brien, Neil [CAN]
343 Tondreau, Jasmin [CAN] vs. Kiss, Roland [CAN]
342 Delanoix, Emmanuel [CAN] vs. Kirshbaum, Michael [CAN]
341 Locke, Justin [CAN] vs. Verhoeven, Isaac [CAN]
340 Ceh, Tomislav [CAN] vs. Phaneuf, William [CAN]
339 Gaspari, Philip-Gianni [CAN] vs. WATSON, Brad [CAN]
338 Gagnon, Frederic [CAN] vs. Bourdon, Philip [CAN]
337 Smith, Brendan [CAN] vs. Muto, Alexandre [CAN]
336 Wheeler, Ryan [CAN] vs. Lepock, Michael [CAN]
335 Boily, Marc-Andre [CAN] vs. Doyon, Olivier [CAN]
334 Dixon, Kevin [CAN] vs. Veillette, Chris [CAN]
333 Reid, Kyle [CAN] vs. Walker, Shane [CAN]
332 Barrieau, Dominic [CAN] vs. Simmons, Keith [CAN]
331 Johnstone, Ian [CAN] vs. Koch, Franz [CAN]
330 Aldrich, John [USA] vs. Boudreau, Robert [USA]
329 Dunham, Nathan [CAN] vs. Seagram, Jason [CAN]
328 Huard, Yan [CAN] vs. Stoker, Rex [USA]
327 Leblanc Falardeau, Ced [CAN] vs. Choi, Jerome [CAN]
326 George, Peter [CAN] vs. Paske, Logan [CAN]
325 Beaulieu, Dominique [CAN] vs. Riou-Routhier, Gabriel [CAN]
324 Warren, Seth [USA] vs. Gauer, Marcus [CAN]
323 Unser, Ryan [USA] vs. Brisebois, Alex [CAN]
322 Poon, Carlos [CAN] vs. Perry, Julian [USA]
321 Tremblay, Cedrick [CAN] vs. Densmore, Dieter [CAN]
320 Machan, Stephen [CAN] vs. Dicaire, Dan [CAN]
319 Kraft, Vincent [CAN] vs. Senecal, Philip [CAN]
318 Caux, Jean-Sebastien [CAN] vs. Maillet, Riley [CAN]
317 Wong, Darren [CAN] vs. Allsopp, Zack [CAN]
316 Cline, Michael [CAN] vs. Scott, Bradden [CAN]
315 Uno, Dan [CAN] vs. Remillard, Michel [CAN]
314 Bedard, Martin [CAN] vs. De Jong, Mike [CAN]
313 Trites, Ceilidh [CAN] vs. Harris, Ian [CAN]
312 Goode, Scott [CAN] vs. Sauve, Ian [CAN]
311 Malott, Jason [CAN] vs. Pettipas, Amber [CAN]
310 Arthur, Patrick [CAN] vs. Froehlich, Whit [USA]
309 Hauk, Trevor [CAN] vs. Canham, Derek [CAN]
308 Majlaton, Alex [USA] vs. Cox, Jackie [CAN]
307 D'Agostino, Vince [CAN] vs. Chong, King [CAN]
306 Boyzuck II, Tim [USA] vs. Evangelho, Ricardo [CAN]
305 Robineau Chatel, Cedri [CAN] vs. MacEachern, Sean [CAN]
304 Belanger, Patrick [CAN] vs. Thompson, Alex [CAN]
303 Tampold, Mik [CAN] vs. Gagne, Patrick [CAN]
302 Holland, Nicole [CAN] vs. Jones, Michael [CAN]
301 Burke, Matthew [CAN] vs. Hubber, Rick [CAN]
300 Lorrain, Robert [USA] vs. Huynh, Steven [CAN]
299 Wheat, Colin [CAN] vs. Rabethge, Derrick [CAN]
298 Clement, Martin [CAN] vs. Ma, Kent [CAN]
297 O'Brien, Graham [CAN] vs. Chong, Jack [CAN]
296 Timmings, Kimberley [CAN] vs. Gravel, Kevin [CAN]
295 Daniel, Eric [CAN] vs. Smyth, Mike a [CAN]
294 Pienaar, Ivan [CAN] vs. Jones, Chris Y [CAN]
293 Andrews, Theo [CAN] vs. Zappia, Oliver [CAN]
292 Bourdeau, Jean-Michel [CAN] vs. Tarantini, Anthony [CAN]
291 Bradshaw, Matthew [CAN] vs. Liu, Yufei [CAN]
290 Shaw, Alexandre [CAN] vs. Henderson, Seth [CAN]
289 Wood, Chris [CAN] vs. VanWetten, Jason [CAN]
288 Warkentin, Colby [CAN] vs. Bolduc, Maxime [CAN]
287 Desveaux, Marcel [CAN] vs. Chong, Ernest [CAN]
286 Lalonde, Maxime [CAN] vs. Gibeault, Gilles [CAN]
285 Cappellani, Aaron [CAN] vs. Yoshida, Brian [CAN]
284 Mayen, Steven [CAN] vs. Stewart, David [CAN]
283 Adams, Erin [CAN] vs. Iler, Ryan [CAN]
282 Gibbens, Douglas [CAN] vs. Machado, Brian [CAN]
281 Dore, Maxime [CAN] vs. Borshay, Paul [CAN]
280 O'Neill, David [CAN] vs. Keays, Jason [CAN]
279 Prudhoe, James [CAN] vs. Roy, Jean-Philippe [CAN]
278 Smith, Braedon [CAN] vs. Beraud, Sophie [CAN]
277 Mai, Gary [CAN] vs. Simpson, Ian [CAN]
276 Sly, John [CAN] vs. Chisholm, James [CAN]
275 Stephens, Jake [CAN] vs. Morin, Mike [CAN]
274 O'Neil, Michael [USA] vs. Zwanenburg, Jeremy [CAN]
273 Kelly, Scott [CAN] vs. Cheung, Alan [CAN]
272 Saner, Philippe [CAN] vs. Labelle, Gilles [CAN]
271 Allen, Thomas [CAN] vs. Hua, Christopher [CAN]
270 Kashmar, Ali [CAN] vs. Sauve, Frederic [CAN]
269 Berry, Jason [CAN] vs. Lalancette, Micha [CAN]
268 Hsieh, Ken [CAN] vs. Weltman, Kyle [CAN]
267 Beauchesne, Chris [CAN] vs. Brazeau, Mathieu [CAN]
266 Bradbury, Wayne [CAN] vs. Cohn, Zachery [CAN]
265 Mulloy, Joshua [CAN] vs. Pacheco, Maxime [CAN]
264 Hodges, Chad [CAN] vs. Malette, Julien [CAN]
263 McKnight, Alex [CAN] vs. Terbovc, Alain [CAN]
262 Montes Velasco, Guille [CAN] vs. Lyon, Alex [CAN]
261 Bouchard, Gino [CAN] vs. Jackson, Greg [CAN]
260 Edwards, Jon [USA] vs. Alonso, Anthony [CAN]
259 Solunac, Steve [CAN] vs. Measures, Jeff [CAN]
258 Ramires, Andrew [CAN] vs. Tang, Shen Feng [CAN]
257 Robertson, Joshua [CAN] vs. Smith, Derek [CAN]
256 Brunet, Vincent [CAN] vs. Cassidy, Andrew [CAN]
255 Leduc, Samuel [CAN] vs. Ferneyhough, Michael [CAN]
254 Morelli, Mike [CAN] vs. Zendano, Henry [USA]
253 Desgent-Barbe, Hugo [CAN] vs. Blum, Michael [USA]
252 Hang, Hasan [CAN] vs. Pannek, Nigel [CAN]
251 Feeney, Matthew [CAN] vs. Haining, JerryJeff [CAN]
250 Park, Kevin [CAN] vs. McMeekin, Scott [CAN]
249 Herberman, Erin [CAN] vs. Guay, Jean-Philippe [CAN]
248 Rioux, Marc-Antoine [CAN] vs. Carlino, Steffen [CAN]
247 Choiniere, Nicholas [CAN] vs. Corriveau, Maxence [CAN]
246 Matheson, Craig [CAN] vs. Chesnais, Patrick [CAN]
245 Besito, Ryan [CAN] vs. Whitbread, Scott [CAN]
244 Dupuis Gervais, Philip [CAN] vs. Cai, Tommy [CAN]
243 Jutras, Normand [CAN] vs. Bruce, Andrea [CAN]
242 Song, Kathryn [CAN] vs. Findlay, Shaun [CAN]
241 Dzuba, Joel [CAN] vs. Wang, Tian Yi [CAN]
240 Bakker, Les [CAN] vs. Henneke, Fabian [CAN]
239 Ha, Jeffrey [CAN] vs. Martin, Cory [CAN]
238 Gagne, Vincent [CAN] vs. Pecek, Boris [CAN]
237 Tuckey, James [CAN] vs. Stein, Mathew [CAN]
236 Camillo, Antonino [CAN] vs. McCanny, Anthony [CAN]
235 Callahan, Nick [CAN] vs. Cyrenne, Mathieu [CAN]
234 Shoffner, Sam [CAN] vs. Bilodeau, Sebastian [CAN]
233 Darmouni, Guillaume [CAN] vs. Arab, Alexander [CAN]
232 Bielinski, Adam [CAN] vs. Akow, Sacha F [CAN]
231 Le Corff, Yann [CAN] vs. Faulkner, Derick [CAN]
230 Ripley, Danny [CAN] vs. Morizet, Matthieu [CAN]
229 Lippitt, Stephen [CAN] vs. Rocha Lima, Edmilson R [CAN]
228 Charlebois, Leonard [CAN] vs. Sylvestre, Jonath [CAN]
227 Helguero, Samuel [CAN] vs. Lotfi, Aram [CAN]
226 Truong-Trieu, Kim [CAN] vs. Titov, Gregory [CAN]
225 Chudzinski, Michael [USA] vs. Hebert, Myles [USA]
224 Bergerud, Cody [CAN] vs. Clarke, David [CAN]
223 Smith, John-Ross [CAN] vs. Desrosiers, Rafael [CAN]
222 Kralik, Thomas [CAN] vs. Johnston, Chad [CAN]
221 Nahdee, Virgil [CAN] vs. Li, Vincent [CAN]
220 Malanchuk, Ryan [CAN] vs. Leeman, Lyle [CAN]
219 Blais, Jean-Philippe [CAN] vs. Jensen, Scott [CAN]
218 Szymanski, Paul [CAN] vs. Robinson, Eli [USA]
217 Jensen, Christine [CAN] vs. Fu, Charles [USA]
216 De Villa, Sebastian [CAN] vs. Raine, Jonathan [CAN]
215 Dugal, Andrew [CAN] vs. Cui, Gary [CAN]
214 Harkness, Dylan [CAN] vs. Lippert, Ian [CAN]
213 Moreau, Simon [CAN] vs. McAlpin, John-Francis [CAN]
212 MacDonald, Nathan [CAN] vs. Benoit, Felix [CAN]
211 Cromwell, Collin [CAN] vs. Flannagan, Jaxon [CAN]
210 Yee, Jonathan [CAN] vs. Gingras, Martin [CAN]
209 Lee, Travis [CAN] vs. Langner, Michael [CAN]
208 Boffo, Jake [CAN] vs. Macpherson, Stewart [CAN]
207 Morgan, Taylor [CAN] vs. Mann, Tyler [CAN]
206 Sorschak, Frank [CAN] vs. Gilgallon, Ryan [USA]
205 Vincent, Dominic [CAN] vs. Savard, Steve [CAN]
204 Larocque, Jean Hugues [CAN] vs. De Azevedo Piovezan, F [CAN]
203 Boivin, Pier-Luc [CAN] vs. Cuellar, Chris [USA]
202 Goulet, Noemie [CAN] vs. Dowsett, Barry [CAN]
201 Gill, Jared [CAN] vs. Tsang Hi, Victor [CAN]
200 Frebrowski, Daniel [CAN] vs. Lemish, Joshua [CAN]
199 Depratto, Marc [CAN] vs. Reis, Anthony [CAN]
198 Papolis, Peter [CAN] vs. Empacher, Andrew [CAN]
197 Belisle, Alain [CAN] vs. Valiquette, Sebastien [CAN]
196 Monh, Christopher [CAN] vs. Lelièvre, Mathieu [CAN]
195 Bucaro, Nicolas [CAN] vs. Lamoure, Carl [CAN]
194 Dumon, Alex [CAN] vs. Marsh, Dale [CAN]
193 Beaulieu, Keven [CAN] vs. Beamish, Malcolm [CAN]
192 Strumpf, Jonathan [USA] vs. St. Germain, Chris [CAN]
191 Skinner, Travis [CAN] vs. Mercier, Frederic [CAN]
190 Labelle, Chris [CAN] vs. Jarrett, Brendan [CAN]
189 Nanka-Bruce, Robert A [CAN] vs. Jeffery, Russ [CAN]
188 Symington, Matthew [CAN] vs. Tremblay, Jerome [CAN]
187 Ross-Latour, Jeremie [CAN] vs. Martin, Neal [CAN]
186 Lemay, Sylvain [CAN] vs. Normand, Jean-Françoi [CAN]
185 Dube, Alex [CAN] vs. Evanovich, Nicholas [USA]
184 Sher, Adam [CAN] vs. Moynihan, Wesley [CAN]
183 Waigh, Geoffrey [CAN] vs. Metaxas, Nick [CAN]
182 Carey, Max [CAN] vs. Sumali, Joshua [CAN]
181 Smithson, Chad [CAN] vs. Ball, Tyson [CAN]
180 McCarrell, Jason [CAN] vs. Yeung, Stephan [CAN]
179 Fritz, James [CAN] vs. Santa, Richard [CAN]
178 Maines, Chris [CAN] vs. Beaulieu, Mathieu [CAN]
177 Rafih, Joddat [CAN] vs. Vatcher, Adrien [CAN]
176 Boyko, Ivan [CAN] vs. Da Silva, Edgar [CAN]
175 Bussiere, Jason [CAN] vs. Ripley, Nathaniel [CAN]
174 Goit, Jeffrey [CAN] vs. Niittymaa, Kai [CAN]
173 Wilson, Taylor [CAN] vs. Baron, Bob [CAN]
172 Leung, Matthew [CAN] vs. Tipper, Andrew [USA]
171 Roy, Sebastien [CAN] vs. Szafranko, Patrick [CAN]
170 Demaine, Cory [CAN] vs. Wong, Mason [CAN]
169 Kosyak, Nick [CAN] vs. Sauve, Sebastien [CAN]
168 Thiesson, Gaetan [CAN] vs. Dehan, Alec [CAN]
167 Morris, Tyler [CAN] vs. Bergeron, Matthew [CAN]
166 Robert, Marie-Eve [CAN] vs. Sherren, Kevin [CAN]
165 McMullen, Seth [USA] vs. Hartt, Mikael [CAN]
164 DaRosa, Manny [CAN] vs. Haskins, Mark [CAN]
163 Hine, James [CAN] vs. Do, Thanh Quang [CAN]
162 Reiber, Jason [CAN] vs. McCaul, Sean [CAN]
161 Stadnyk, Kevin [CAN] vs. Lessard, Steve [CAN]
160 Varve, Zackary [CAN] vs. Carisse, Simon [CAN]
159 Medeiros, Danny [CAN] vs. Tang, Daniel [CAN]
158 Kerr, Mackenzie [CAN] vs. Leroux, Francois [CAN]
157 Watson, Thomas [CAN] vs. Caron, Marc-Olivier [CAN]
156 Reinhardt, Adam [CAN] vs. Farmer, Aiden [USA]
155 Kang, Calin [CAN] vs. Fry, Donald [CAN]
154 Murray, Gabriel [CAN] vs. Hornford, Cale [CAN]
153 Burgess, Justin [CAN] vs. Mahon, Scott [CAN]
152 Hain, Tim [CAN] vs. Hamilton, Ryan [CAN]
151 Hine, Chris [CAN] vs. Lim, Kay Win [CAN]
150 Daigle, Bryce [CAN] vs. Simard, Stephane [CAN]
149 Ferland, Derek [CAN] vs. Leahy, Nicholas [CAN]
148 Saunters, Christian [CAN] vs. Reed, Matthew [CAN]
147 Gervais, Pierre-Luc [CAN] vs. Tepylo, Alek [CAN]
146 Mihajlovic-Gendron, Ni [CAN] vs. Ma, Will [CAN]
145 Keeney, Steffan [CAN] vs. Dilks, Jeremy [CAN]
144 Porter, Michael [CAN] vs. Carini, Stephane [CAN]
143 Ricciardelli, Nicholas [CAN] vs. Geady, Sam [CAN]
142 Coache, Alex [USA] vs. Farmer, Jennifer [USA]
141 Blackmore, Northrop [CAN] vs. Swart, Jake [CAN]
140 Kershaw, Matthew A [CAN] vs. Conrad, Cory [CAN]
139 Dimiduk, Jeff [USA] vs. Joly, Philippe [CAN]
138 Brown, Jonathon [CAN] vs. Ogden, Cameron [CAN]
137 Durocher, Vincent [CAN] vs. Lebel, Maxime [CAN]
136 Sivaneswaran, Jeremy [CAN] vs. Pham, Hoang Ha [CAN]
135 Szeto, Thomas [CAN] vs. McKay, Tygue [CAN]
134 Helguero, Marcos [CAN] vs. Fisk, Dominic [CAN]
133 Martinez, Megan [USA] vs. Jackson, Alan [CAN]
132 Ouellet, Jonathan [CAN] vs. Miron, Yohan [CAN]
131 Mirehouse, Clayton [CAN] vs. Henaire Caron, Marc-Mi [CAN]
130 Gagnon, Louis [CAN] vs. Cailloux, Jacob [CAN]
129 LHeureux, Olivier [CAN] vs. Mastronardi, Alex [CAN]
128 Radoja, Marko [CAN] vs. Bourgeois, Stephane [CAN]
127 Norrie, Matthew [CAN] vs. Livernoche, Alexandre [CAN]
126 Houle, Sebastien [CAN] vs. Thibault, Gregoire [CAN]
125 Courville, Frederick [CAN] vs. Lin, Kevin [CAN]
124 Racine Leblanc, Samuel [CAN] vs. Jeffery, James [CAN]
123 Demers, Francois [CAN] vs. Schapurga, Kyle [CAN]
122 Damien, Francois [CAN] vs. Cormier, Marc-Alexandr [CAN]
121 Martinez, Mario [USA] vs. Boyzuck III, Timothy L [USA]
120 Webber, Andrew [CAN] vs. Barbero, Joseph [CAN]
119 Koblic, Paul [CAN] vs. Casorso, Joseph [CAN]
118 St-Laurent, Jerôme [CAN] vs. Rippe, Dylan [USA]
117 Poirot, Raphaël [CAN] vs. Gold-Utting, Micah [CAN]
116 Pembleton, Barry [CAN] vs. Ledu, Benjamin [CAN]
115 Forsyth, Robert [CAN] vs. Langis, Justin [CAN]
114 Blackmore, George [CAN] vs. McLain, Josh9385 [CAN]
113 Star, Kyler [USA] vs. LaCroix, Brent [CAN]
112 Morozov, Kirill [CAN] vs. Richter, Brian [USA]
111 Pilon-Boucher, Renaud [CAN] vs. Vorva, Shane A [USA]
110 Ojo, Remi [CAN] vs. Dumais Allain, Hugo [CAN]
109 Reiber, Lawrence [CAN] vs. Stelmack, Andrew [CAN]
108 Vermette, Laszlo [CAN] vs. Fine, David [CAN]
107 Larabie, Matthew [CAN] vs. Pearson, Dennis [CAN]
106 Locke, Matt [CAN] vs. Pagano, Matthew [CAN]
105 Mayo, Kenwrick [CAN] vs. Lee, Sungho [CAN]
104 Staszewski Hodgins, Jo [CAN] vs. Danciu, Patrick [CAN]
103 Heinemann, Colin [CAN] vs. Zink, Leighton [CAN]
102 Wieczorek, Patrick [CAN] vs. Tarenta, Mark [CAN]
101 Gain, Kyle [CAN] vs. Terry, Matthew [CAN]
100 Solave, Ryan [CAN] vs. Chan, Calvin [CAN]
99 Smith, Mark [CAN] vs. Niro, Andrew [CAN]
98 Perry, Ronan [USA] vs. Joyal, Martin [CAN]
97 Feeley, Isabelle [CAN] vs. Simard, Marc [CAN]
96 Dufour, Terrence [CAN] vs. Flansberry, Joshua [CAN]
95 Steudle, Richard [CAN] vs. Pigeon, Justin [CAN]
94 Cook, Nathon [CAN] vs. Root, Wesley [CAN]
93 Plouffe, Jeremi [CAN] vs. Duncan, Kyle [CAN]
92 Banville Baillargeon, [CAN] vs. Chua, Johmar [CAN]
91 Ball, Mike [CAN] vs. Martoni, Tim [CAN]
90 Moschella, Knick [USA] vs. Hansel, Sean [CAN]
89 Turcotte, Samuel [CAN] vs. LeBlond, Taylor [CAN]
88 Cella, Michael [CAN] vs. Vegh, Michael [CAN]
87 Brazeau, Jocelyn [CAN] vs. Cunningham, Amanda [CAN]
86 Chabalier, Jaures [CAN] vs. Deer, Kenyon [CAN]
85 Mallette-Vanier, Guill [CAN] vs. Chidiac, William [CAN]
84 Montour, Raymond [CAN] vs. Pitman, Sebastian [CAN]
83 Sargent, Joe [CAN] vs. Del Duca, Adam [CAN]
82 De Jong, John [CAN] vs. Labonte, Hugo [CAN]
81 Ramcharitar, Aaron [CAN] vs. Chabot, Karl [CAN]
80 Seguin, Alexandre [CAN] vs. Gao, David [CAN]
79 Bernier, Cyril [CAN] vs. Couture, Felix [CAN]
78 Topping, Brendan [CAN] vs. Ball, Eric [CAN]
77 Capson, Chris [CAN] vs. Reynaert, Steven [CAN]
76 Madore, Blair [USA] vs. Drolet, Vincent [CAN]
75 Badrudin, Karim [CAN] vs. Swift, Nathan [CAN]
74 Shields, Wyatt [CAN] vs. Locas, Martin [CAN]
73 Farnsworth, Ryan [CAN] vs. Dumaresq, Evan [CAN]
72 Volclair, Cyrille [CAN] vs. Whynot, Ryan [CAN]
71 Drouin, Simon [CAN] vs. Laurin-Fortier, Thierr [CAN]
70 Cho, Peter [CAN] vs. Bishop, David [CAN]
69 Lessard, John [CAN] vs. Noworaj, Anna [CAN]
68 Silverstein, Kevin [USA] vs. Lacroix, Francis [CAN]
67 Morrill, Adam [CAN] vs. Lam, Alan [CAN]
66 Freedman, Kevin [CAN] vs. Gaynon Dufour, Joseph [CAN]
65 Tremblay, Etienne [CAN] vs. Forget, Andrew [CAN]
64 Trudel, Hugo [CAN] vs. Coles, James [CAN]
63 Lavallee, Jean-Rene [CAN] vs. Belliard, Raphael [CAN]
62 Sheffield, Simon [CAN] vs. Janovsky, James [CAN]
61 Bailey, Matthew [CAN] vs. Aumais, Jonathan [CAN]
60 McGlone, Stephen [CAN] vs. Loong, Matthew [CAN]
59 Stevens, Chris [CAN] vs. Findlay, Andrew [CAN]
58 Chappell, Simon [CAN] vs. Beaulieu, Kevin [CAN]
57 Payot, Mathieu [CAN] vs. Gorecki-Kuzma, Alexand [CAN]
56 Ma, Aaron [CAN] vs. Barber, Cameron [CAN]
55 Lee, Jacky [CAN] vs. Gul, Baran [CAN]
54 Masse, Yann [CAN] vs. Thibeault, Vincent [CAN]
53 Kelly, Patrick J [USA] vs. Nadeau, Gabriel [CAN]
52 Vo, Don [CAN] vs. Strautz, Marcel [DEU]
51 Denley, Jake [CAN] vs. Deschenes, Luke [CAN]
50 Vatcher Bolduc, Loïc [CAN] vs. Brander', Kimberly [CAN]
49 Jacznik, Matt [CAN] vs. Gelinas-Proulx, Adam [CAN]
48 Mathers, Avery [CAN] vs. Gagliardi, Mike [USA]
47 Mullin, Samuel [CAN] vs. Hazra, Samir [CAN]
46 Warrington, Troy [CAN] vs. Plourde, Nicolas [CAN]
45 Cleal, Brent [CAN] vs. Clarke, Davies [CAN]
44 Ben-David, Sheffi [CAN] vs. Matteau, Jean-Philippe [CAN]
43 Harris, Samuel [USA] vs. Mercier, Charles [CAN]
42 Gauthier, Samuel [CAN] vs. Lefrancois Vaudrin, Ch [CAN]
41 Johnson, Jayson [CAN] vs. Schulz, Brendan [CAN]
40 Raine, Aaron [CAN] vs. Donst, Aaron [CAN]
39 Finlayson, Cole [CAN] vs. McLain, Liz [CAN]
38 Lister, Daniel [CAN] vs. Murray, Aaron [CAN]
37 Dupuis, Patrick [CAN] vs. Beauvais, Tehanesahtat [CAN]
36 Keba, Darren [CAN] vs. Lafleur, Gabriel [CAN]
35 Lajeunesse, Melvi [CAN] vs. Zhang, Grant [CAN]
34 Leblanc, Rene [CAN] vs. Duong, Hieu [CAN]
33 Porter, Lorne [CAN] vs. Lewis, Matthew [CAN]
32 Clow, Dylan [CAN] vs. Samson, Louis-Alex [CAN]
31 Wheeler, Brendan [CAN] vs. Li, Lewis [CAN]
30 Spidell, Casimir [CAN] vs. Romm, Zeev [CAN]
29 Kirwan, John [CAN] vs. Robinson, Connor [USA]
28 Mitchell, Christian [CAN] vs. Guerette-Villeneuve, F [CAN]
27 Li, Tianzhi [CAN] vs. Myers, Mike [CAN]
26 Madon, Stewart [CAN] vs. Fraser, Michael [CAN]
25 BeberVanzo, Lucas [USA] vs. Berube, Andre [CAN]
24 Singaravelu, Ranjith [CAN] vs. Flett, Evan [CAN]
23 Cole, James [CAN] vs. Roy, Gabriel [CAN]
22 Carriere, Nicholas [CAN] vs. Cote, Emrik [CAN]
21 Beaudoin, Patrice [CAN] vs. Theologus, Jonath [CAN]
20 Godin-Monat, Maxime [CAN] vs. McCaldin, Shane [CAN]
19 Raschewski, Christian [CAN] vs. Cabal, Vincent [CAN]
18 Spooner, Ron [CAN] vs. Kolbuc, Mike [CAN]
17 Chafee, Amanda [CAN] vs. LaCroix, Matt [CAN]
16 Dowling, Ed [CAN] vs. Vasil, Jeremy [CAN]
15 Simpson, Jeremy [CAN] vs. Doucet, Tommy [CAN]
14 Melville, Connor [CAN] vs. McInnis, Myles [CAN]
13 Rubin, William [CAN] vs. Mathers, Kyle [CAN]
12 Zacour, James [CAN] vs. Watkins, Tim [CAN]
11 Langevin, Marjorie [CAN] vs. Lavigne, Ghislain [CAN]
10 Turgeon, Stephan [CAN] vs. Laplante, Ryan [CAN]
9 Fernandes, John [CAN] vs. Demers, Alexis [CAN]
8 Dimiduk, Ellen [USA] vs. Yang, Zilong [CAN]
7 Santiago, Jeffery [CAN] vs. Wilson, Chris [CAN]
6 Kunkel, Jeremy [CAN] vs. Sawyer, Dave [CAN]
5 Richard, Pascal [CAN] vs. McRae, Michael [CAN]
4 Robert, Mathieu [CAN] vs. Xing, Paul [CAN]
3 Lau, Benson [CAN] vs. Knipe, Christopher [CAN]
2 Scott, Rob [CAN] vs. Liu, Chang [CAN]
1 Grant, Murphy [CAN] vs. Lalonde, Jean-Charles [CAN]
  Gao, Jeffrey [CAN]   * BYE *
  Abela, Andrew [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Aeschbacher, David [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Alcock, Brian [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Allan, Dane [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Allard, Jocelyn [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Allegrucci, Xavier [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Allinson, Chris [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Alton, Mathew [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Anctil, Kevin [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Anderson, Robert [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Archambault, Julien [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Archdekin, Jamie [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Armstrong, Tristan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Asselin, Eric [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Asselin, Frederic [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Asselin, Philippe [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Bain, Scott [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Baker, Ryan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Ball, Chris [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Bathurst, Scott [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Battistelli, Alex [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Baumiller, Ronald [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Beaudry Auger, Nicolas [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Beland, Nicolas [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Belanger, Maxim [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Beldon, Omar [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Bell, Scott [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Bergeron, Julien [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Berry, Evan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Bianchi, Alex [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Bickle, Phillip [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Biron, Xavier [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Bishop, Eric [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Bisson, Stephane [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Black, Samuel [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Blackmore, Austin [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Blackwell, Jeremy [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Blanchette, Jamie [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Blaquiere, Ian [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Blondon, William [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Blum, Tyler [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Boehm, Christopher [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Boese, Travis [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Bokser, Rory [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Bold Wark, Lewis [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Bourdeau, Jonathan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Boutin Desruisseaux, N [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Boutin, Jon [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Boyling, Adam [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Brett, Daniel [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Brian, Thomas [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Brichta, J. P. [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Brott, John [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Brown, Max [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Brown-Fucci, Dante [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Browning, Richard [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Brumby, Gene [NZL]   * Awarded Bye *
  Bryce, James [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Buchanan, Jessica [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Buchanan, Nathan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Burningham, Kris R [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Butterfield, Nathaniel [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Cadieux, Alexandre [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Calcano, Christian [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Calce, Christopher [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Cantin, Maxime [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Capriolo-Morris, Primo [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Carino, Joseph [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Carrier, Samuel [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Carroll, Maya [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Casselman, Jeffrey [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Cavaliere, Vince [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Cecchetti, Daniel [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Chan, Philip [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Chang, Morgan [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Chapman, Ben [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Charlebois, Nathaniel [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Cheng, Nicholas [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Chin, Ricky [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Chirnside, Adam [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Chow, Matt [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Ciarroni, Steven [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Cook, Anthony [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Cook, Nickolas S [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Corvese, Harry [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Costa, Matthew [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Couillard Tremblay, Fr [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Courcelles, Jon [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Courtemanche, Matt [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Couture, Mathieu [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Cox, Patrick [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Coyle, Lauren [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Culligan, Michael [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Cuneo, Andrew [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Dafoe, Braden K [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Dahmer, T. J. [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Daigle, Carl-Francis [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Darragh, Josh [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Dauteuil, Miguel [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  De Carolis, Paul [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Dean, Paul [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Dearing, David [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Demars, Brian [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Demers, Hugo [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Demestrio, Joe [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Dery, Jonathan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Desjardins, Ivan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Dionne, Samuel [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Doshi, Vishvas [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Dou, Jay [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Dufour, Jimmy [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Dunkelman, Steven [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Dunn, Payne [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Duval, Remi [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Dziambor, William [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Elenbogen, Andrew [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Evans, Lyra [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Fallarme, Mark [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Farkavec, Andrian [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Flink, Chris [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Foot, Derek [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Forslund, Fredrik [SLV]   * Awarded Bye *
  Fortier, Michaël [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Fortin, Tommy [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Fournier, Daniel [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Freel, Dan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Fung, Kenny [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Gareau, Philippe [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Gauthier, Erik [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Gendron, Marc-Olivier [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Giannopoulos, Steve [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Gibson, Kevin [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Gifford, Sean [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Giles, Devon [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Giraldeau, Renaud [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Girard, Andre [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Giuliani, Lucas [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Goldfarb, David [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Goud, Michael [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Green, Kevin [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Gregoire, Alex [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Guay Provost, Philippe [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Guy Blais, Frederic [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Guy, Curtis [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Ha, Chris [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Harabas, Christopher [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Hawron, Richard [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  He, Daniel [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Hebert, Justin [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Heittola, Carl [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Hennick, Michael [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Henry, Brenton [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Herman, Jason [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Hertz, Michael [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Hewitt, Chris [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Higgs, Daniel [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Hill, Tyler [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Hilson, Ian [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Hirmiz, Fadi [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Holness, Devaghat [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Hooper, Kyle [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Howden, Jason [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Hui, Brian [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Hum, Barry [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Huot, Michael [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Tsigounis, Thomas [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Jaramillo, Blaven [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Jensen, William [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Johnson, Courtney [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Jones, Nathan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Jordan, Daniel [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Joseph-Pare, Bertrand [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Karpukhin, Mikhail [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Kelahan, Seamus [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Kolbuc, Trevor [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Kostas, Steven [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Kovac, Chase [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Krautmann, Wenzel [DEU]   * Awarded Bye *
  Laberge, Vincent [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lacombe, Mathieu [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lane, Mikael [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lansche, Derek S [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lanthier, Dan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lapierre, Eric [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lau, Toby [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lavergne, Marc-Andre [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lawrence, Aaron [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Le Gendre, Randy [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Leblanc, Hugo [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  LeBlanc, Nicholas [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Leblanc, Samuel [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Ledvinka, David [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lee, Jeffrey [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Leonard Huu Nguyen, Ch [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Leung, Terence [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Levstein, Alexander [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Li, Chen [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Li, Eric [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Li, Yuanji [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Liewendahl, Christophe [SWE]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lindo, Aaron [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Linton, Richard [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Liorti, Andrew [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Liu, Brian [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lloyd, Alex [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lo, Kirby [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Loblaw, Ian [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lombardi, Robert [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Longo, Tyler [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lönnberg, Sixten [SWE]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lozinski, Daniel [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lu, Garry [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Luk, Christopher [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lussier, Alexandre [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lyrette, Styve [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  MacDonald, Dan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  MacFarlane, Kate [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Mackl, Valentin [AUT]   * Awarded Bye *
  MacLean, Stuart [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Madden, Gregory [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Magalhaes, Edgar [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Mancuso, Adam [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Manfield, Seth [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Mariani, Johnny [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Martin, Philippe [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Martineau, Robert [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Massicotte, Mathieu [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Maynard, Pascal [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Mazur, Spencer [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  McDonough, Adam [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  McLaughlin, Morgan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Mcvety, Max [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Melanson, Cory [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Mercier, Maxime [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Mermet, Olivier [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Merriam, Ross [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Miller, Matthew [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Mindus, Curtis [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Mitchell, Kyle [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Moir, Ben [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Monahan, Justin [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Morawski, Jonathan [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Morin, Bruno-Pier [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Moulton, Jesse [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Murray, Justin [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Naidu, Akash [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Nass, Matthew [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Naylor, Jamie [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Neff, Joe [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Ngo, Alan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Nguyen, Lan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Nightingale, Tyler [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Noworaj, Andrew [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Ochoa, David [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Oliver, Neal [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Painter, Jameson [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Pangman, Robert [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Paquette, Maxime [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Parker, Brock [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Parks, Ian [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Pasch, Korey [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Patel, Tariq [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Patelakis, Steve [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Penny, Jack [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Perlee, Travis [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Perreault, Marc-Andre [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Perrin, Nicholas [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Piaa, Jonathan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Pileggi, Riccardo [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Pine, Michael [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Pinsky, Matt [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Pite, Derek [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Plamondon, Brandon [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Poirier, Eric [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Poupart, Olivier [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Proano, Gina [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Rajalin, Sandro [SWE]   * Awarded Bye *
  Reardon, Justin [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Reiber, Zachary [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Renaud, Benoit [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Renaud, Dominique [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Repta, Joel [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Richard, Francois [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Risi, Geoff [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Robdrup, Andrew [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Roberts, Nick [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Robertson, Ian [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Robidoux, Marc-Andre [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Robinson, Denys [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Rochette, Alex [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Rosman, Tobias [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Rouleau, Pierre-Olivie [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Rousseau, Hugo [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Rowe, Jon [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Roy, Vincet [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Rubin, Steve [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Rudolph, Adam [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Sachlas, Peter [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Sacino, Joey [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Sagermann, Christian [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Saito, Tomoharu [JPN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Sakiyama, Jun [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Samms, Phil [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Sandrin, Ryan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Saucier, David [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Schapurga, Mike [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Schilha, Eric [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Schnayer, David [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Schunk, Jason [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Seguin, Shawn [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Seltzer, Eric [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Shenhar, Shahar [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Shiels, Dave [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Shrestha, Bishwa [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Siembor, Michael [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Sigrist, Mike [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Simpraga, Jeremy [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Siow, Lucas [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Skarren, Frank [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Sklubal, Lukas [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Smith, Jeffrey [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Smith, Robert [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Snook, Adam [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Soares, Dillion [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Solunac, Sasha [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Song, John [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Starke, Nathan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Stella, Daniel [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Stern, Jon [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  St-Martin-Allard, Jona [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Stoyles, Chris [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Sweezey, Scott [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Taimla, Christopher [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Tang, Frederic [FRA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Tankus, Nathan [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Tanner, Chas [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Terrasse, Nicolas [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Thompson, Kale [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Thurman, Matt [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Tibaut, Mathew [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Toussaint, Francis [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Tran, Simon [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Tran, Stephen [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Tremblay, Martin [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Trottier, Charles [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Trudel, Christian [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Tse, Felix [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Tucker, Jeff [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Turpin, Jacques [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Tzaneteas, Elliott [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Leon Valencia, Francis [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Vance, James [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  VanSchaik, Brian [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Varin, Sonia [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Vazquez, John-Philip [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Velzy, Mat [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Victor, Adam [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Vidal-Lessard, Thomas [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Villeneuve, Christian [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Voakes, Jim [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Walderman, Leslie [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Wan, Jeffrey [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Wasson, John [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Watteyne, Michel [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Wells, Venu [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Wescoe, Craig [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Whyte, Michael [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Wilson, Jacob [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Wintle, David [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Wiradharma, Richard [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Wohns, Dan [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Wolansky, Steven [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Wong, Wilson [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Woo, Kenneth [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Woodward, Darren [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Woyiwada, Tyler [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Wu, Gavin [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Xu, Gang [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Yan, Victor [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Yang, Daniel [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Yaroway, Killian [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Young, Devin [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Yu, Ben [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Yu, Fred [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Zhang, Min [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Allard, Francois [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Ascalon, Jason [PHL]   * Awarded Bye *
  Bailey, Travis [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Bisignano, Adam [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Bu-Mansour, Chad [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Comber, Jonathon [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Cooper, Stacey [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Dilks, Matthew [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Duke, Reid [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Eadie, Tyler [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Farnung, Ian [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Fennell, Christop [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Gushattey, Jared [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Harder, Spencer [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Hawkins, Lee [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Hayne, Alexander [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Hoang, Sau [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Hoyt, Matthew [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Hudson, Nathan [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Kambourakis, Jose [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lapierre, Matt F [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Lax, Ari [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Male, Nick [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Martell, Tom [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  McClain, Josh [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Miles, Alex [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Miller, Byron [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Moskal, Greg [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Muir, Brandon [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Murphy, Matthew [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Oh, Inn [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Omar-Bujak, Hakim [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Phoenix, Martin [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Roesler, Michael [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Roxburgh, Mike [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Schwab, Jason [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Shaw, Adam [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Smith, Brenda [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Sun, Allen [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Thiara, Devinder [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Tom, Kar Yung [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Traikov, Erik [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Tremblay, Sebasti [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Tung, Joseph [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Turtenwald, Owen [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Utter-Leyton, Jos [USA]   * Awarded Bye *
  Vasko, Brandon [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Villeneuve, Sebas [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *
  Whelan, Stephen [CAN]   * Awarded Bye *

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