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By Wizards of the Coast

Table Player Result   Opponent
1 Warkentin, Colby [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Thibeault, Vincent [CAN]
2 Costa, Matthew [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Cook, Anthony [USA]
3 Black, Samuel [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Voakes, Jim [CAN]
4 Damien, Francois [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Tremblay, Cedrick [CAN]
5 Ngo, Alan [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Longo, Tyler [CAN]
6 Gervais, Pierre-Luc [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Liewendahl, Christophe [SWE]
7 Morin, Bruno-Pier [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Shenhar, Shahar [USA]
8 Cuneo, Andrew [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Rubin, Steve [USA]
9 McLaughlin, Morgan [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Starke, Nathan [CAN]
10 Pinsky, Matt [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Chow, Matt [CAN]
11 Li, Chen [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Victor, Adam [CAN]
12 Jensen, William [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Repta, Joel [CAN]
13 Buchanan, Jessica [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Gifford, Sean [CAN]
14 McInnis, Myles [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Thiara, Devinder [CAN]
15 Ceh, Tomislav [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Kovac, Chase [USA]
16 Wu, Gavin [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Cantin, Maxime [CAN]
17 Le Gendre, Randy [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Fournier, Daniel [CAN]
18 Maynard, Pascal [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Skarren, Frank [USA]
19 Siow, Lucas [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Levstein, Alexander [CAN]
20 Schnayer, David [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Brown, Max [USA]
21 Duffy, Jacob [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Blackmore, Austin [CAN]
22 Wong, Wilson [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Asselin, Philippe [CAN]
23 Dery, Jonathan [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Loong, Matthew [CAN]
24 Ha, Chris [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Benn, Adam [CAN]
25 Bokser, Rory [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Green, Kevin [CAN]
26 Strumpf, Jonathan [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Parker, Brock [USA]
27 Hooper, Kyle [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Boudreau, Robert [USA]
28 Archambault, Julien [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Tom, Kar Yung [CAN]
29 Stern, Jon [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Omar-Bujak, Hakim [CAN]
30 Tran, Stephen [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Huot, Michael [CAN]
31 Gareau, Philippe [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Manfield, Seth [USA]
32 Beldon, Omar [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Noworaj, Andrew [CAN]
33 Barber, Cameron [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Kirshbaum, Michael [CAN]
34 Yu, Fred [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Smithson, Chad [CAN]
35 Tse, Felix [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Yang, Daniel [CAN]
36 Lamoure, Carl [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Casorso, Joseph [CAN]
37 Douglas, Trent [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Sargent, Joe [CAN]
38 Madon, Stewart [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Trudel, Christian [CAN]
39 Battistelli, Alex [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Shiels, Dave [USA]
40 Courcelles, Jon [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Solunac, Sasha [CAN]
41 Lansche, Derek S [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Vincent, Dominic [CAN]
42 Le Corff, Yann [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Lewis, Michael [CAN]
43 Patel, Tariq [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Leblanc, Rene [CAN]
44 Wigham, Wesley [USA] Won 2-1 vs. MacEachern, Sean [CAN]
45 Tang, Daniel [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Asselin, Eric [CAN]
46 Ledvinka, David [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Vance, Michael [CAN]
47 Elenbogen, Andrew [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Pagano, Matthew [CAN]
48 Miller, Matthew [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Murray, Aaron [CAN]
49 Guy, Curtis [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Tung, Joseph [CAN]
50 Wagner, Joseph [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Duke, Reid [USA]
51 Perrin, Nicholas [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Hayne, Alexander [CAN]
52 Gagnon, Louis [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Reiber, Zachary [CAN]
53 Liu, Yufei [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Pine, Michael [CAN]
54 Wolansky, Steven [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Beland, Nicolas [CAN]
55 Martell, Tom [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Archdekin, Jamie [CAN]
56 LaCroix, Matt [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Miller, Byron [USA]
57 Proano, Gina [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Stewart, David [CAN]
58 Tuckey, James [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Hebert, Justin [CAN]
59 Bergeron, Julien [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Demers, Francois [CAN]
60 Samms, Phil [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Yu, Ben [USA]
61 Kambourakis, Jose [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Adams, Michael [CAN]
62 Saito, Tomoharu [JPN] Lost 1-2 vs. Turtenwald, Owen [USA]
63 Murphy, Justin [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Hill, Tyler [USA]
64 Trites, Ceilidh [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Johnstone, Ian [CAN]
65 Dubreuil, Patrice [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Poupart, Olivier [CAN]
66 Roesler, Michael [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. O'Brien, Graham [CAN]
67 McLain, Josh9385 [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Ting-A-Kee, Andrew [CAN]
68 Boutin, Jon [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Nass, Matthew [USA]
69 Goud, Michael [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Wilson, Jacob [CAN]
70 Tzaneteas, Elliott [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Lanthier, Dan [CAN]
71 McDonough, Adam [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Leonard Huu Nguyen, Ch [CAN]
72 Couture, Mathieu [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Plamondon, Brandon [CAN]
73 Phoenix, Martin [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Tang, Shen Feng [CAN]
74 Cleary, Max [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Wintle, David [CAN]
75 Titov, Gregory [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Xu, Gang [CAN]
76 Lu, Garry [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Brown-Fucci, Dante [CAN]
77 Lax, Ari [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Mcvety, Max [USA]
78 Abela, Andrew [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Turgeon, Stephan [CAN]
79 Lussier, Alexandre [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Samson, Louis-Alex [CAN]
80 Villeneuve, Sebas [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. WATSON, Brad [CAN]
81 Gauthier, Samuel [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. McAlpin, John-Francis [CAN]
82 Jordan, Daniel [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. D'Agostino, Vince [CAN]
83 Richard, Francois [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Zhang, Grant [CAN]
84 Vukaj, Elisander [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Majlaton, Alex [USA]
85 Tanner, Chas [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Vorva, Shane A [USA]
86 Hilson, Ian [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Guay Provost, Philippe [CAN]
87 Chirnside, Adam [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Moulton, Jesse [CAN]
88 Perry, Ronan [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Perry, Julian [USA]
89 Li, Yuanji [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Dilks, Jeremy [CAN]
90 Laberge, Vincent [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Ciarroni, Steven [CAN]
91 Fung, Kenny [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Berry, Evan [CAN]
92 Biron, Xavier [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Keays, Jason [CAN]
93 Evangelho, Ricardo [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Cook, Nickolas S [USA]
94 Symington, Matthew [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Robert, Mathieu [CAN]
95 Anderson, Robert [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Thurman, Matt [CAN]
96 Wang, Tian Yi [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Moskal, Greg [CAN]
97 Sachlas, Peter [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Lessard, Steve [CAN]
98 Belliard, Raphael [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Wan, Jeffrey [CAN]
99 Ochoa, David [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Tibaut, Mathew [CAN]
100 Tucker, Jeff [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Schnayer, Tobias [CAN]
101 Stephens, Jake [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Oliver, Neal [USA]
102 Allegrucci, Xavier [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Penny, Jack [CAN]
103 Morawski, Jonathan [USA] Lost 0-2 vs. Parks, Ian [USA]
104 Welburn, Maxime [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Massicotte, Mathieu [CAN]
105 Storey, Derek [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Mirehouse, Clayton [CAN]
106 Young, Devin [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Demestrio, Joe [USA]
107 Silverstein, Kevin [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Empacher, Andrew [CAN]
108 Lepock, Michael [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Carriere, Nicholas [CAN]
109 McClain, Josh [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Cecchetti, Daniel [USA]
110 Faure, Stephane [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Measures, Jeff [CAN]
111 Song, John [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Fortier, Michaël [CAN]
112 Boutin Desruisseaux, N [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Robert, Pierre Olivier [CAN]
113 Baron, Bob [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Karpukhin, Mikhail [CAN]
114 Rosman, Tobias [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Mercier, Frederic [CAN]
115 Chesnais, Patrick [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Mathers, Avery [CAN]
116 Cox, Patrick [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Murphy, Matthew [CAN]
117 Henry, Brenton [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Beryaltsev, Konstantin [CAN]
118 Thompson, Kale [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Neff, Joe [CAN]
119 Kostas, Steven [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Dicaire, Dan [CAN]
120 Vazquez, John-Philip [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Higgs, Daniel [CAN]
121 Bellefeuille, Philipe [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Bain, Scott [USA]
122 Hewitt, Chris [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Montes Velasco, Guille [CAN]
123 Schambier, Simon [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Berube Picard, Jeremi [CAN]
124 Rouleau, Pierre-Olivie [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Cabal, Vincent [CAN]
125 Gingras, Martin [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Mermet, Olivier [CAN]
126 Root, Wesley [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Farmer, Aiden [USA]
127 Faulkner, Derick [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Hubber, Rick [CAN]
128 Tarenta, Mark [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Farnung, Ian [USA]
129 Chan, Philip [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Flink, Chris [CAN]
130 Piatek, Robert [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Rafih, Joddat [CAN]
131 Fortin, Tommy [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Couture, Felix [CAN]
132 Renton, Stephen [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Sakiyama, Jun [CAN]
133 Vidal-Lessard, Thomas [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Wiradharma, Richard [CAN]
134 Watson, Thomas [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Wescoe, Craig [USA]
135 Jaramillo, Blaven [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Gaynon Dufour, Joseph [CAN]
136 Mulloy, Joshua [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Culligan, Michael [CAN]
137 Garcia Perez, Ignacio [ESP] Lost 0-2 vs. Belanger, Maxim [CAN]
138 Lombardi, Robert [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Seguin, Shawn [CAN]
139 Topping, Brendan [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. MacFarlane, Kate [CAN]
140 Rochette, Alex [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Simard, Stephane [CAN]
141 Carter, Harrison [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Wasson, John [CAN]
142 Blondon, William [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Whyte, Michael [CAN]
143 Nadeau, Gabriel [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Burningham, Kris R [CAN]
144 Yassa, Mike [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Plouffe, Jeremi [CAN]
145 Hirmiz, Fadi [CAN] Drew 0-0-0 vs. Robertson, Ian [CAN]
146 Saunters, Christian [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Hum, Barry [CAN]
147 Romm, Zeev [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Renaud, Dominique [CAN]
148 BeberVanzo, Lucas [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Couillard Tremblay, Fr [CAN]
149 Sauve, Frederic [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Robinson, Eli [USA]
150 Sher, Adam [CAN] Drew 1-1-1 vs. Daigle, Carl-Francis [CAN]
151 Melanson, Cory [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Nightingale, Tyler [CAN]
152 Giuliani, Lucas [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Charlebois, Nathaniel [CAN]
153 Buchanan, Nathan [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Marsh, Dale [CAN]
154 Carino, Joseph [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Clarke, Davies [CAN]
155 Dean, Paul [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Freel, Dan [CAN]
156 Tremblay, Sebasti [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Brumby, Gene [NZL]
157 Vasil, Jeremy [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Medeiros, Danny [CAN]
158 Rajalin, Sandro [SWE] Won 2-0 vs. Cailloux, Jacob [CAN]
159 Harger Rivero, Antônio [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Patelakis, Steve [CAN]
160 Naidu, Akash [USA] Won 2-1 vs. Darragh, Josh [CAN]
161 Calce, Christopher [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Clement, Martin [CAN]
162 Cayer, Alexandre [CAN] Drew 0-0-0 vs. Giannopoulos, Steve [CAN]
163 Leblanc, Hugo [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Wieczorek, Patrick [CAN]
164 Robidoux, Marc-Andre [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Sandrin, Ryan [CAN]
165 Allsopp, Zack [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Hudson, Nathan [USA]
166 Gregoire, Alex [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Baker, Ryan [CAN]
167 De Carolis, Paul [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Martineau, Robert [CAN]
168 Uno, Dan [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Carrier, Samuel [CAN]
169 Stein, Mathew [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Liorti, Andrew [CAN]
170 Hine, James [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Merson, Hugh [CAN]
171 Vance, James [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Lau, Toby [CAN]
172 Hayman, Tim [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Henneke, Fabian [CAN]
173 Sun, Allen [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Fontaine, Jessy [CAN]
174 Strautz, Marcel [DEU] Lost 1-2 vs. Tran, Simon [CAN]
175 Severin, John [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Bernier, Cyril [CAN]
176 Stadnyk, Kevin [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Brian, Thomas [CAN]
177 Delanoix, Emmanuel [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Dziambor, William [CAN]
178 Raine, Aaron [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Kiss, Roland [CAN]
179 Blackmore, Northrop [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Gerrard, Richard [CAN]
180 Farmer, Jennifer [USA] Lost 1-2 vs. Allan, Dane [CAN]
181 Simmons, Keith [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Turpin, Jacques [CAN]
182 Duval, Remi [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Rocha Lima, Edmilson R [CAN]
183 Robinson, Denys [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Hamel, Simon [CAN]
184 Farkavec, Andrian [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Loblaw, Ian [CAN]
185 Raine, Jonathan [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Bucaro, Nicolas [CAN]
186 Charlebois, Dominic [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Frebrowski, Daniel [CAN]
187 Saucier, David [CAN] Drew 1-1-1 vs. Gascon, Louis [CAN]
188 Risi, Geoff [CAN] Lost 1-2 vs. Pasch, Korey [CAN]
189 Darmouni, Guillaume [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Pacheco, Maxime [CAN]
190 Besito, Ryan [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Belanger Noël, Amelie [CAN]
191 Watkins, Tim [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Siembor, Michael [USA]
192 Mariani, Johnny [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Chan, Calvin [CAN]
193 Holland, Nicole [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Bishop, Eric [CAN]
194 Oake, Christopher [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Donst, Aaron [CAN]
195 Martoni, Tim [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Hume, Rory [CAN]
196 Brichta, J. P. [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Eadie, Tyler [CAN]
197 Pileggi, Riccardo [CAN] Won 2-1 vs. Remillard, Michel [CAN]
198 Daniel, Eric [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Comber, Jonathon [CAN]
199 Kolbuc, Trevor [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. De Azevedo Piovezan, F [CAN]
200 Bu-Mansour, Chad [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Hornford, Cale [CAN]
201 Gibson, Kevin [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Bisignano, Adam [CAN]
202 Cherrier, Stephane [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Malovic, Brister [CAN]
203 Schwab, Jason [USA] Won 2-0 vs. Hauk, Trevor [CAN]
204 Chong, Ernest [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Tang, Frederic [FRA]
205 Mathers, Kyle [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Smith, Eric [CAN]
206 Timmings, Kimberley [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Lallier, Oscar [CAN]
207 Blackmore, George [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Sauve, Sebastien [CAN]
208 Joyal, Martin [CAN] Won 2-0 vs. Boily, Marc-Andre [CAN]
209 Morgan, Taylor [CAN] Lost 0-2 vs. Matteau, Jean-Philippe [CAN]


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