The 9-0 Decks of Grand Prix Paris 2015

Posted in GRAND PRIX PARIS 2015 on May 10, 2015

By Tobi Henke

Out of all the 1,426 players who were in the running originally, only four managed to win all nine of Saturday's rounds. And in a testament to the diversity of the current Standard format, all four played very different decks.

Jochen Frenster chose Esper Dragons, Manuel Faber picked a green devotion deck with a splash of red, Amand Dosimont decided to run Abzan Aggro, and Yohan Dudognon build his very own deck: a four-colored monstrosity featuring Collected Company and so many cool things you should probably just check out the decklist yourself!

Yohan Dudognon's Four-Color Company – Grand Prix Paris 2015

Jochen Frenster's Esper Dragons – Grand Prix Paris 2015

Manuel Faber's Green Devotion with Red – Grand Prix Paris 2015

Amand Dosimont's Abzan Aggro – Grand Prix Paris 2015

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