A Quick Summary of Saturday's Main Video Matches

Posted in Event Coverage on May 9, 2015

By Frank Karsten

Most of Saturday's rounds were streamed live on Twitch. To give you a quick impression of the players, decks, and matches that we've seen throughout the day, here is a quick summary of all the main video matches. Be sure to check in to the stream (www.twitch.tv/magic) tomorrow for more!

Round 4: Nicolas Vanderhallen (Sidisi Megamorph) vs. Marco Cammilluzzi (Abzan Control)

Belgian National champion Vanderhallen defeated Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir Top 8 competitor Cammilluzzi 2-0. It wasn't close, as the Abzan deck couldn't beat the value Deathmist Raptor and Den Protector generated in the late game.

Round 5: Antonio Del Moral León (Abzan Control) vs. Javier Dominguez (Green/White Company)

Champion of Grand Prix Paris 2014 Dominguez triumphed over Pro Tour Fate Reforged champion Del Moral León 2-0. Den Protector looked to be everywhere this round.

Round 6: Jérémy Dezani (Mardu Dragons) vs. Gonzague Allouchery (Abzan Control)

Dezani beat Allouchery 2-0 on the back of Stormbreath Dragon and Thunderbreak Regent. Allouchery's Drown in Sorrow and Thoughtseize were too awkward against a deck that attacked his life total so aggressively with haste creatures.

Round 7: Javier Dominguez (Green/White Company) vs. Ondřej Stráský (Esper Dragons)

This match between two players at 5-1 records was a slaughterfest, and it was over in, like, five minutes, with Dominguez winning 2-0 over Stráský. The highlight was when Hidden Dragonslayer slayed Dragonlord Ojutai.

Round 8: Julien Nemeghaire (Mardu Dragons vs. Yohan Dudognon (Four-Color Company))

We got to see an absolute masterpiece of a deck here. Mantis Rider, Savage Knuckleblade, and Collected Company? Yes please! Dudognon used these cards to defeat Nemeghaire 2-0, advancing to 8-0 and leaving behind a flustered opponent.

Round 9: Robin Dolar (Esper Dragons) vs. Yohan Dudognon (Four-Color Company)

After winning Round 8, Dudognon now faced Grand Prix Kraków finalist Robin Dolar in a battle of the undefeateds. Dolar took game one by stealing Goblin Rabblemaster with Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver. Dudognon then won game two by making the flavor-dubious but effective play of countering Dragonlord Ojutai with Ojutai's Command. And then, out of all creatures in the four-colored Collected Company deck, it was a 1/1 Goblin token provided by Goblin Rabblemaster that saved Dudognon from Foul-Tongue Invocation and carried him toward the perfect 9-0!

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