Quick Questions #2

Posted in GRAND PRIX PARIS 2015 on May 10, 2015

By Frank Karsten

Early on Saturday, we asked the Twitterverse for interesting questions to be answered by the pros here at Grand Prix Paris. We selected the following one, because Modern Masters certainly is one of the big topics this weekend:

And well, we already tackled Esper Dragons recently, so we took a look at the Modern Masters 2015 card image gallery and asked the pros for their thoughts.

Platinum level pro Martin Jůza

Tarmogoyf. It's the best creature ever printed, so I'm hoping to open a foil one at Grand Prix Utrecht.

Two-time Pro Tour Top 8 competitor Lukas Blohon

Karn Liberated. It's one of the best planeswalkers of all time.

Pro Tour Gatecrash finalist Joel Larsson

Bitterblossom. I've had some fun with that. I used to play Faeries back in the days.

2010 Dutch National Champion Bas Melis

Cryptic Command. It's a great card, and I love to play it.

Grand Prix Kraków 2015 finalist Robin Dolar

Vendilion Clique. It's a 3/1 flier with flash for 1UU that can put a card from a player's hand on the bottom of his or her library. That's why it's good.

Gold level pro Fabrizio Anteri

Karn Liberated. I've played with it in Modern, and I'd like to play with it in Limited.