Top 5 Cards of Grand Prix Paris 2015

Posted in Event Coverage on May 10, 2015

By Tobi Henke

These were the cards that shaped the tournament, that sparked discussions and were the most debated, the cards that won games and matches and turned Grand Prix Paris into an event to remember ...


#5. Den Protector


There was just no escaping the den and its protector at this Grand Prix. The little megamorph and its brother Deathmist Raptor had been on a steady rise ever since the Standard format debuted at Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir and this Grand Prix may very well have been the high point of that development.


#4. Deathmist Raptor


Even during the early rounds on Saturday, the amount of megamorphs in the feature match area was so impressive that we already debated whether both would make this list. And the Raptors, as they do, just kept coming back. Once we saw the numbers from the metagame breakdown, there really was no question anymore, as almost a full 30 percent of the Day 2 field consisted of some variation of the megamorph theme or another.


#3. Collected Company


Collected Company proved one of the chief tools to gain an advantage in the ubiquitous megamorph mirrors, but its utility went way beyond that. The card was part of the first big story of the weekend, when Yohan Dudognon went 9-0 with his innovative Four-Color Company. And it was part of the last storyline of the weekend, as Zan Syed piloted his two-color version all the way to the finals.


#2. Dromoka's Command


Although both players who met in the finals of the Grand Prix ran creature-based green decks, their two lists didn't actually share that many cards. One card both could agree upon, however, was Dromoka's Command, which added a lot of versatility to both their strategies. Particularly, it gave the ability to kill threatening creatures to Zan Syed green-white deck which would have been low on removal otherwise. In fact, Dromoka's Command played a crucial role in his semifinal when he was able to get rid of multiple Thunderbreak Regents with it. But eventual champion Amand Dosimont made good use of it too, when he managed to destroy both a face-down Den Protector as well as Syed's Mastery of the Unseen in the first game of the finals.


#1. Siege Rhino


Siege Rhino still is one of the best creatures in Standard, and evidently so. Sixteen copies made it to the Top 8, and quarterfinalists Jasper Grimmer and Christian Hauck both called it the most important card of their main deck. In keeping with our Jurrasic Park theme (see: raptors, lots) Siege Rhino's visual was even likened to Stegosaurus and probably deserves to count as an honorary dinosaur. At the very end of the weekend, a pair of Siege Rhinos marched to victory, trampling over Zan Syed under the masterful direction of Amand Dosimont, the champion of Grand Prix Paris 2015!

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