Quick Question: What Rotating Card Are You Going to Miss the Most?

Posted in Event Coverage on March 19, 2016

By Frank Karsten and Tobi Henke

On April 8th, Shadows over Innistrad will be released, and on that date, Khans of Tarkir and Fate Reforged will rotate out of Standard. This weekend marks the last time that competitors can play cards from Khans of Tarkir and Fate Reforged at a Standard Grand Prix, so we asked several of the pro players in attendance today which card from those sets they have the fondest memories of.

Gold-level pro Christian Calcano: Dig Through Time. Definitely one of the best blue card draw spells of all time. It's what made control viable in Standard.

No. 16 Joel Larsson: There's nothing in particular that I'm going to miss. I usually don't have a pet deck and usually don't miss cards. I prefer to look ahead and tend to forget about old cards quickly.

Magic Online Champion Magnus Lantto: Rally the Ancestors because I really enjoyed playing that deck and had success with it. And fetch lands because I liked having crazy good mana bases where you could do anything.

No. 10 Fabrizio Anteri: Depending on how I do today, I may miss Siege Rhino or not. I did win a Grand Prix with the card, but it's so tough to beat.

Hall of Famer Gabriel Nassif: I didn't really get attached to any card in particular. Dig Through Time is my kind of card, but it's so powerful that it's not a lot of fun. I'm mostly looking forward to the new cards because a big Standard rotation is always the most exciting time in Magic.

Two-time Pro Tour semifinalist Patrick Dickmann: Dig Through Time, most of all. I like the card, I like having options. And the options here went beyond just picking the two best cards. Timing was interesting too because Dig, unlike so many other delve cards, was completely fine even if cast for, say, five mana. Especially in a deck with other instant-speed options.

Gold-level pro Oliver Polak-Rottmann: Mantis Rider was my favorite card. I also liked delve, especially in combination with the fetch lands. In general I think the fetch lands were awesome for deck construction.

No. 18 Martin Dang: Fetch lands! I'll miss being able to play more than three colors easily. That opens up so many possibilities in Constructed.

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