Grand Prix Trial Winning Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on October 31, 2015

By Chapman Sim

The Magic community in Latin America might not be as large as North America and Europe, but they certainly aren't any less enthusiastic! Yesterday, a whopping SIXTEEN Modern Grand Prix Trials took place, granting each winner 2 Round Byes in today's main event.

With the second wave of Modern Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers taking place next weekend (the first wave is happening now!), all eyes will be on the Modern metagame that will be taking shape in Porto Alegre.

Until Day 1 is over (where we'll be posting 9-0 decklists, as usual) and until the Top 8 is born, these sixteen decklists should whet your appetite! Because there're so many lists, here's a quick breakdown in a nutshell. Ten archetypes, sixteen Modern decklists, one mysterious metagame.

Archetype #
Jund 4
Affinity 3
TarmoTwin 2
Blue-Red Twin 1
Grixis Control 1
White-Blue Control 1
Naya Burn 1
Ad Nauseam 1
Jeskai Midrange 1
Naya Midrange 1

Special thanks go out to the helpful Tournament Organizer, Nerdz and Jambô Editora, for their assistance in the translation of the Portuguese decklists. The staff (and myself) are very dedicated in providing the best coverage for you all weekend!

Luis Salvatto's Grixis Control

Download Arena Decklist

Fernando Gonzalez's White-Blue Control

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Adriano Lopez's Affinity

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ソーサリー (3)
3 Thoughtcast
インスタント (2)
2 Galvanic Blast
アーティファクト (11)
4 Mox Opal 3 Springleaf Drum 4 Cranial Plating
エンチャント (3)
3 Ensoul Artifact
60 カード

Luiz Silva Neto's TarmoTwin

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Pedro Miranda's Jund

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Marco Aurelio Santos' Jund

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Matheus Akio Yanagiura's TarmoTwin

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Guilherme Atanazio's Affinity

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インスタント (4)
4 Galvanic Blast
アーティファクト (13)
1 Welding Jar 4 Cranial Plating 4 Mox Opal 4 Springleaf Drum
60 カード
サイドボード (15)
2 Wear // Tear 2 Ancient Grudge 1 Relic of Progenitus 2 Torpor Orb 2 Whipflare 2 Blood Moon 3 Thoughtseize 1 Ghirapur Æther Grid

Carlos de Souza Costa's Blue-Red Twin

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ソーサリー (5)
4 Serum Visions 1 Roast
インスタント (16)
1 Peek 4 Lightning Bolt 2 Dispel 2 Spell Snare 2 Electrolyze 4 Remand 1 Cryptic Command
エンチャント (4)
4 Splinter Twin
60 カード

Fedrico Rivero's Affinity

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インスタント (4)
4 Galvanic Blast
アーティファクト (12)
4 Mox Opal 4 Springleaf Drum 4 Cranial Plating
エンチャント (1)
1 Ensoul Artifact
60 カード

Matheus Daniel Da Silveria's Jund

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Ricardo Batista's Naya Midrange

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