Quarterfinals Round-Up

Posted in Event Coverage on November 1, 2015

By Chapman Sim

With so many aggro decks in the Top 8 here at Porto Alegre, the elimination rounds proceeded pretty quickly! Regardless, we don't want you to miss out on any of the action!

Here's a quick summary from each of the Quarterfinals. No frills! Just the gist of it!

Quarterfinals 1: Thiago Saporito (White-Green Hexproof Auras) VS Vagner William Casatti (Naya Burn)

Game 1

After a mulligan to five, Saporito was forced to keep a hand of four lands and a single Ethereal Armor. Casatti punished mercilessly with Grim Lavamancer and Eidolon of the Great Revel, while Saporito failed to draw any of his 11 Hexproof creatures, a bunch of Auras stranded. Naturally, things didn't go very well for Saporito and he was quickly down one game.

Game 2

It seemed like Saporito's luck ran dry and was forced to mulligan to five once more. He ended up keeping a hand with Silhana Ledgewalker, Path to Exile, Hyena Umbra and two lands. However, without the Lifelinking Auras, Casatti was once again able to run over Saporito with the help of Goblin Guide and Eidolon of the Great Revel. When Casatti presented the game-winning Boros Charm, Saporito extended his hand.

Thiago Saporito 0 – Vagner William Casatti 2

Quarterfinals 2: Caio Amaral (Bant Zoo) VS Guilherme Merjam (Living End)

Game 1

Merjam was forced to mulligan, and quickly faced assault by double Wild Nacatl. Those were swept with Living End, netting Merjam a pair of Deadshot Minotaurs and Monstrous Carabid which he had cycled earlier.

Retreat to Coralhelm enabled Amaral to smooth his future draws, and that found him Knight of the Reliquary, which Merjam had no solution to. Untapped unopposed, Amaral proceeded to go through all the lands in his deck before tapping down the opposing team to win with a 20/20 Knight of the Reliquary!

Game 2

Noble Hierarch enabled an early Geist of Saint Traft. After cycling a couple of creatures, Merham “pulled the trigger” to create a formidable team while killing his opponent's. Amaral's life total plummeted and was forced to trade away most of his creatures, leaving behind only Knight of the Reliquary to race against a 4/4 Simian Spirit Guide (enhanced by Jund Charm). When he presented a creature to chump, a second Jund Charm from Merjam cleared it out of the way, killing Amaral who was at exactly 4 life.

Game 3

Amaral led with Wild Nacatl and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, setting back the back-breaking Living End by two turns. Merjam used the “forced vacation” to cycle Architects of Will, Street Wraith and Deadshot Minotaur. When Amaral added Scavenging Ooze to the board, Merjam cleared them away with Jund Charm.

However, Amaral had the replacement Thalia, which meant that Merjam will need to reach five mana before he could “do his thing”. Stuck on just four mana and facing a lethal clock, Merjam extended the hand.

Caio Amaral 2 - Guilherme Merjam 1

Quarterfinals 3: Marcos Paulo De Jesus Freitas (Naya Zoo) VS Diego Marquez (Green-Red Tron)

Game 1

De Jesus Freitas opened with Noble Hierarch and Voice of Resurgence, which Marquez cleared away with Pyroclasm. That didn't stop him from taking a few hits from the Elemental token, as well as a 4/4 Scavenging Ooze, eating up fallen comrades.

However, that wasn't quite enough pressure and Marquez soon assembled the Urzatron wiped the board with Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. Long story short, De Jesus Freitas found no way to answer the mighty Planeswalker.

Game 2

De Jesus Freitas claimed Game 2 quicker than they could sideboard and shuffle up. Slamming Blood Moon on the board on turn three, it slowed Marquez to a crawl, practically shutting him out. Collected Company hitting Magus of the Moon added insult to injury.

Game 3

De Jesus Freitas had the perfect foil to Oblivion Stone by jamming it with Stony Silence. This allowed both his Wild Nacatls and Voice of Resurgence to run wild. With Sylvan Scrying, Marquez completed his “set”, which enabled him to cast the Wurmcoil Engine he found with Ancient Stirrings.

If De Jesus Freitas had the Path to Exile, it would be over. He didn't and could only plop the remaining two cards in his hand onto the board, Noble Hierarch and Knight of the Reliquary. Marquez could smell victory, dropping Karn Liberated to stabilize.

However, Path to Exile turned the tables, allowing De Jesus Freitas to attack for lethal! What a crazy topdeck!

Marcos Paulo De Jesus Freitas 2 - Diego Marquez 1

Quarterfinals 4: Gabriel Fehr (Blue-Red Twin) VS Alejandro Cesa (Naya Burn)

Game 1

Promptly killing Cesa's Wild Nacatl with Lightning Bolt, Fehr smoothened his draws with Serum Visions. Goblin Guide was the follow-up which was toasted by Snapcaster Mage flashing back Lightning Bolt.

After taking a mountain of damage from Lava Spike, Lightning Bolt and Rift Bolt, Cesa's grip of double Atarka's Command looked very effective against Fehr's fragile life total, but Spell Snare could only keep one of them in check. Despite Fehr's best efforts, he was burned to a crisp before he could assemble the combo.

Game 2

After Serum Visions, Fehr dropped Grim Lavamancer on turn two. Countering Lightning Bolt with Dispel, that didn't stop him from getting one hit from Wild Nacatl and Monastery Swiftspear. Fehr killed both of them with Roast, and a Grim Lavamancer activation.

However, the damage was done and Fehr had no solution to the Eidolon of the Great Revel that was presented. Down to just six life, Fehr was forced to fire Electrolyze at the Eidolon. Cesa saved it with Atarka's Command, giving it +1/+1 while dealing three to Fehr, putting him at 1 life. Having no second card in the graveyard to activate Grim Lavamancer with, he should have been happy to draw Desolate Lighthouse. However, when he tapped out to “loot”, Cesa revealed the Boros Charm to the roar of the crowd!

Gabriel Fehr 0 - Alejandro Cesa 2

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