Posted in Event Coverage on March 19, 2017

By Chapman Sim

Aside from the Top 8 lists, you may also want to check out some others from the Top 32, since some of these players were so close to cracking the Top 8 here at Porto Alegre. You'll find 14 Mardu Vehicles lists and 6 Four-Color Copycat lists occupying the majority of the top finishers, but there are also a handful of players who brought Temur Aetherworks, Black-Red Eldrazi or Black-Green Energy deck!

Felipe Archangelo's Four-Color Copycat - 9th

Thiago Oliveira's Mardu Vehicles - 10th

Alexandre Cunha De Oliveira's Mardu Vehicles - 11th

Pedro Carvalho's Black-Red Eldrazi - 12th

Roger Landim's Mardu Vehicles - 13th

Walter Coquemala Filho's Four-Color Copycat - 14th

Douglas Romani's Four-Color Copycat - 15th

Mateus Dog Anjos's Black-Green Energy - 16th

Eder Damasceno's Mardu Vehicles - 17th

Leandro Martins Gomes's Mardu Vehicles - 18th

Guilherme Medeiros Merjam's Mardu Vehicles - 19th

Lucas Esper Berthoud's Mardu Vehicles - 20th

Nicolas De Nicola's Four-Color Copycat - 21st