Day 2 Metagame Breakdown of Grand Prix Prague 2015

Posted in GRAND PRIX PRAGUE 2015 on August 30, 2015

By Tobi Henke

The numbers are in! 178 decklists have all been accounted for and counted, sorted and checked, and here's the tally. First up, we expected a lot of Hangarback Abzan and we got even more, with the deck making up about 29 percent of the Day 2 field!

Deck # %
Hangarback Abzan 52 29.2
Mono-Red 17 9.6
Jeskai 16 9.0
Abzan Control 14 7.9
Esper Dragons 9 5.1
Green Devotion with Red 9 5.1
Red-Green Dragons 9 5.1
Mardu Dragons 7 3.9
Atarka Red 6 3.4
Black-Red Dragons 6 3.4
Blue-Red Ensoul Artifact 6 3.4
Blue-Black Control 5 2.8
Sultai Control 4 2.2
White Devotion 4 2.2
Constellation 2 1.1
Green-White Megamorph 2 1.1
Goblins 2 1.1
Jund 2 1.1
Red-White Midrange 2 1.1
Abzan Rally 1 0.6
Bant Control 1 0.6
Grixis Dragons 1 0.6
White-Blue Control 1 0.6
Total: 178 100.0

In other news, Mono-Red, Jeskai, and the more control-oriented version of Abzan did well as well ...

One should also note that there are more aggressive red decks than just Mono-Red: If you only care about the chance of facing a Mountain and a red 1-drop on the first turn of a game, you may be interested to know that Mono-Red, Atarka Red, and Goblins came to a combined 14 percent of the field.

Likewise, the chance of meeting a deck with a sizable Dragon contingent are quite high too. But while Mardu Dragons and Black-Red Dragons may be closely related, Esper Dragons and, say, Red-Green Dragons really aren't, so it's difficult to make a case for some "macro archetype" here.

In fact, if the above results show anything, it is that Standard still allows for a wide range of viable deck types. All in all, 23 different archetypes made it to the second day of the Grand Prix and we'll have decklists for all of them at the end of the day (when the Top 8 playoffs are through).