Green Devotion with Patrick Dickmann

Posted in Event Coverage on August 29, 2015

By Tobi Henke

"This is the last major event where I'm able to play this Standard format," said Patrick Dickmann and made a sad face, then smiled and added: "So, this time, I'm playing something fun!"

The fun deck he chose for this Grand Prix was Green Devotion with a small splash of red. But that's pretty mainstream and rather a simple deck too, isn't it? "People don't give the deck enough credit," Dickmann protested. "Of course you often just cast creature after creature, but it really is quite hard to play: you need to sequence all your cards correctly, you need to envision where you want to be two turns from now, and often this involves some calculations.

Patrick Dickmann

"Also, my version has a few nonstandard cards in it," he continued. "For one thing, I'm running two copies of Shaman of Forgotten Ways. It's a mana accelerator that the control players have to kill; that's awesome!"

Dickmann was particularly happy with his sideboard. "I think it's sad that you hardly see any Gaea's Revenges anymore. It's not as if there are that many Sultai Charms around," he argued. "Against the more common Esper or straight blue-black control decks the card still is quite a beating."

His sideboard also featured the combo of Hornet Nest and Roast which hadn't been seen as much lately. As for an actual evolution, Dickmann suggested more people should run Evolutionary Leap. "Turning mana critters into threats is obviously good," he said, "but what really puts Evolutionary Leap over the top is that there are so many decks right now which overload on creature removal. Sure, those decks have access to enchantment removal too, but they typically don't bring it in against Red-Green Devotion. The card often catches people off guard, and it can completely take over games."

Patrick Dickmann's Green Devotion – Grand Prix Prague 2015

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