Top 5 Cards

Posted in Event Coverage on August 30, 2015

By Tobi Henke

These were the cards that shaped the tournament, that sparked discussions and were the most debated, the cards that won games and turned Grand Prix Prague into an event to remember …

5. Knight of the White Orchid

One of the very few brand new decks this weekend was Mono-White Devotion and Thomas Enevoldsen was one of the few players to run it. The Danish player who is famous for his fondness of white decks—and even won a Legacy Grand Prix with mono-white once—called Knight of the White Orchid its most important card. "Knight of the White Orchid is what makes everything come together. Because your curve is sort of weird. It's very low, but also very high," Enevoldsen explained. "Knight of the White Orchids helps to get you from point A to B and fills the role of a low curve card."

4. Magma Spray

Hangarback Walker was quite popular this weekend. Not only was Hangarback Abzan the most popular deck on Day 2 of Grand Prix Prague, and this by a wide margin, the Walker also appeared in all kinds of main decks and even some sideboards. And the metagame reacted: Unravel the Æther and Revoke Existence could be found in various sideboards and a number of red players, especially followers of the Jeskai Way, included Magma Spray in their main decks. The Top 8 even featured seven main-deck copies across three lists!

3. Hangarback Walker

Did we mention that it had been a busy weekend for Hangarback Walker and its retinue of Thopter tokens? Well, it was. But Standard is always good for yet another surprise, it seems, and Hangarback Walker was barely represented in the finals: Eliott Boussaud had a meager two copies in his version of Black-Red Dragons and Peter Vieren ran one in the sideboard of his Blue-Black Control. This, of course, only shows that the Walker's reach goes far beyond the Abzan or Ensoul Artifact decks more commonly associated with it. Also, there were still 20 copies in the Top 8 in total.

2. Jace's Ingenuity

Peter Vieren called Jace's Ingenuity the most important card in his deck, and who are we to argue with a newly-minted Grand Prix runner-up? All weekend long, Jace's Ingenuity provided Vieren with a steady stream of cards and was instrumental in keeping him well-stocked on the answers that were so all-important to the extreme control-oriented strategy of his deck. If you need to have the right answer at the right time, it's a good idea to always have a bunch of them.

1. Outpost Siege

When asked what had been the best card in the finals Eliott Boussaud didn't need to think long. "Definitely Outpost Siege!" he said. He had boarded the card against Blue-Black Control primarily for its "Khans" ability, and had used it that way in game two, but in the end it was "Dragons" which ensured his victory. And what could be more fitting for a Dragons player …?

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