Top 100 Legacy Metagame at Grand Prix Prague

Posted in GRAND PRIX PRAGUE 2016 on June 12, 2016

By Tobi Henke

Ever since the change to having everyone with 6-3 make the cut, in this case 450 players, a full Day 2 metagame breakdown is no longer feasible. But what we can tell you about is what decks the people who ended the first day within the Top 100 chose to play. A hundred decklists have all been checked, counted, and categorized, thanks in no small part to our judge staff who have been very helpful!

Archetype #
Eldrazi 15
Miracles 12
Shardless Sultai 12
Grixis Delver 7
Sultai Delver 6
Sneak and Show 6
Four-Color Loam 5
Lands 5
Storm 4
Death and Taxes 4
Temur Delver 3
Infect 3
Elves 3
Blue-Red Delver 2
Jund 2
Merfolk 2
Grixis Control 2
Others 7
Total: 100

The number one spot has been taken, or taken over rather, by the extraplanar Eldrazi. Miracles only coming in second may be a surprise, but the Eldrazi and their Cavern of Souls are commonly considered to be quite good against the control deck and its Counterbalance/Sensei's Divining Top combination. As is Abrupt Decay, which might explain why Shardless Sultai found itself in third place and why that color combination was also among the more popular among the Delver variants.

Another thing to note: If one were to combine all the different blue tempo decks with Delver of Secrets into one macro archetype, that'd be in first place. But Temur Delver is more geared toward mana denial, while Blue-Red Delver is basically a burn deck. There's naturally more overlap between Grixis and Sultai Delver, yet the decks still work quite differently in actual game play.

Finally, one can only marvel at the diversity of the format. None of the decks accounted for more than a 15 percent share of the Top 100, and within the "Other" category one could find: Reanimator and Tin Fins, Belcher, Burn, and Bant Midrange, as well as one Stoneblade and one Delver deck following the Jeskai Way. 24 different archetypes in the Top 100? Other formats can only dream of such numbers!