Statement Regarding the Disqualification of Oliver Tiu

Posted in GRAND PRIX PROVIDENCE 2016 on October 23, 2016

By Event Coverage Staff

At the end of Round 15 at Grand Prix Providence, both Oliver Tiu and his opponent were disqualified for Bribery.

Here is the official statement from Head Judge Steven Zwanger:

"Just after the round began, Tiu's opponent conceded to him. We investigated the concession because a judge nearby heard the two of them mention 'Paypal.' After the players were interviewed separately, each gave a version of their conversation that did not match the other's.

Furthermore, in Tiu's narrative he had begun the conversation by establishing that he was interested in the Pro Point while his opponent was not; he then asked his opponent for a prize split. These two statements in combination created the strong implication that Tiu desired his opponent to concede and that there was a financial benefit (the prize split) for the opponent to do so.

Under official policy, this implication qualifies as Bribery."

Editor's Note: An update was made after publication to clarify that both players involved were disqualified.