Day 2 Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on October 25, 2015

By Adam Styborski

Stybs has played Magic the world over, writing and drafting as part of the event coverage team and slinging Commander everywhere his decks will fit.

What does Standard looks like in the post-Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar world? It’s the question those coming to Grand Prix Quebec City had to answer with their weekend weapons.

This is what competitors that made Day 2 had to offer:

Archetype Count % Field
Abzan 23 25.3%
Dark Jeskai 19 20.9%
Atarka Red 7 7.7%
Green-White Megamorph 7 7.7%
Red-Green Landfall 6 6.6%
Bant Tokens 4 4.4%
Esper Control 3 3.3%
Jeskai 3 3.3%
Abzan Company 2 2.2%
Blue-Black Aristocrats 2 2.2%
Esper Dragons 2 2.2%
Bant 1 1.1%
Bant Aggro 1 1.1%
Black-Green Eldrazi 1 1.1%
Five-Color Collected Company 1 1.1%
Four-Color Rally 1 1.1%
Four-Color Ramp 1 1.1%
Green-White Tokens 1 1.1%
Jund Dragons 1 1.1%
Jund Eldrazi 1 1.1%
Jund Landfall 1 1.1%
Red-Green Eldrazi 1 1.1%
Sultai Red 1 1.1%
White-Blue Control 1 1.1%
TOTAL 91 100.0%

The effect of the Pro Tour results is clear here. While the Pro Tour featured a significantly smaller piece of Abzan, at Quebec City it’s back with a vengeance. Following tight behind is Dark Jeskai, popularized by several prominent teams, as well as the potent Atarka Red deck Hall of Fame player Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa took to Top 8 as well.

The push of these big three is clear when we roll up the details:

Archetype Count % Field
Abzan 23 25.3%
Jeskai (All Types) 22 24.2%
Red Aggro (All Types) 13 14.3%
Green-White Megamorph 7 7.7%
Bant (Non-Aggro Types) 5 5.5%
Esper (All Types) 5 5.5%
All Other 16 17.6%
TOTAL 91 100.0%

Abzan and Jeskai are half of the Day 2 field, with aggressive red decks and Green-White Megamorph taking nearly another quarter beyond that. The allure of Pro Tour success was compelling for players, but that doesn’t mean other options aren’t present.

Four- and Five-Color shenanigans are gone, replaced by things like Jund Dragons, Bant Tokens (or Green-White Control as deck designer and sixth-ranked Sam Black refers to it), Blue-Black Aristocrats and even a few versions on going big with Eldrazi (normally Oblivion Sower leading the way).

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