Quick Question 1: What sideboard card isn’t getting enough respect?

Posted in Event Coverage on October 24, 2015

By Josh Bennett

What sideboard card isn't getting enough respect?

Thanks to the Pro Tour, players have a good idea of what they'll face this weekend. However, the sideboard that was good at the Pro Tour is not necessarily the best for this more-defined format. The Pros weigh in on some cards that should show up more.

"Self-Inflicted Wound and Rending Volley. They're matchup-specific, but very good in those matchups." – World Champion Seth Manfield

"Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh in Atarka Red. People are relying on Surge of Righteousness and Arashin Cleric, both of which are terrible against her. She's hard to remove once she flips, and even if she doesn't she's a fine threat." – Pro Tour Avacyn Restored Champion Alex Hayne

"Mastery of the Unseen. I think it's very good in the Jeskai mirror. Of course this is all theory, as I haven't drawn it in any of my games." – Pro Tour Magic Origins Champion Joel Larsson

"Quarantine Field. Being able to exile threats is very powerful against Jeskai, shutting down their recursion from Commands. It's not bad even as an expensive Oblivion Ring, and the ability to scale up is huge." – Two-Time Grand Prix Champion Brian Braun-Duin

"Dragonlord Silumgar. Very powerful against Gideon and all the green decks. Any deck capable of casting it should have it in the sideboard." – Household Name Reid Duke

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