Day 1 Coverage of Grand Prix Richmond

Posted in Event Coverage on March 8, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

Wow. So these 4,300 players have been winnowed down greatly—to 443 to be exact. It was a long haul, broken into three separate flights, even into separate halls, but the first day of Grand Prix Richmond is in the books! Tomorrow the groups combine and the best of the best will converge for six more rounds of Modern goodness before cutting to the Top 8.

Sitting atop the standings are Ben Friedman, Andrew Calderon, Noah Walker, Zach Jesse, Jonathon Chappell, Patrick Dickmann, Daryl Ayers, Ian Ayal, Mario Martinez, Jeff Folinus, and William Aitken. They are all undefeated (and true undefeated, none of that 8-0-1 horse-hockey).

Modern has shown us that a variety of archetypes are viable—from Melira Pod to Scapeshift to 4c Gifts to Battle of Wits (ok, fine, the Battle of Wits decks didn't do very well)—but which ones truly deserve to be top of the heap? We'll find out tomorrow, and quite early because we'll be springing ahead at 2 am.

Come back bright and early tomorrow! The stream starts at 9 a.m.

See you tomorrow!

Grand Prix Trial Winning Decklists

by Adam Styborski

David Aeschbacher – Modern – GB Obliterator Rock

Chris Blommel – Melira Pod

Jeffery Briner – Modern – WUR Control

Taylor Kaiser – Modern – Hexproof Auras

Matthew Kormor – Modern – Jund

David Lin – Modern – Zoo

Brian Liu – Modern – Kiki Pod

Joseph Moran – Modern – Zoo

Brent Clift – Standard – WUR Control

James Cady – UWR Splinter Twin

Vipin Chackoral – Affinity

Bradley Hammond – Melira Pod