Day 1 9-0 Deck Lists

Posted in Event Coverage on May 7, 2017

By Marc Calderaro

Yesterday we learned a lot about the diversity of the Amonkhet Sealed format. There are an arbitrarily-large amonout of possibilities, and the 9-0 lists showcase that fact quite well.

Here they are below, and definitely make sure you check out Pro Tour Aether Revolt Top 4 finisher (18) Eduardo Sajgalik's super-greedy, super-awesome Five-Color Green wonderball.


Devin Koepke's Black-Green – GP Richmond, 9-0

Kyle Thiele's Red-Green – GP Richmond, 9-0

(18) Eduardo Sajgalik's Five-Color Green – GP Richmond, 9-0

Dylan Gellis's Esper – GP Richmond, 9-0

Michael Baraniecki's Red-White – GP Richmond, 9-0

Robert Coffman's Black-Red – GP Richmond, 9-0