Semifinals: Petr Sochůrek vs. Simon Enckels

Posted in Event Coverage on August 14, 2016

By Tobi Henke

Minutes earlier Platinum pro Petr Sochůrek had defeated (3) Lukas Blohon in their all-Czech quarterfinal match. Blohon, the most recent Pro Tour's champion, had been playing Blue-Red Fevered Burn, the same matchup Sochůrek was now facing once again. Sochůrek, like most of the Top 8 was on Bant Company.

The Games

Simon Enckels led with Stormchaser Mage on turn two, then held back with his Fevered Visions to play around Spell Queller. Sochůrek cast Spell Queller, his first spell of the game, at the end of Enckel's fourth turn, but immediately lost it to Lightning Axe with a Fiery Temper tagging along. On turn five, Enckels finally cast, and resolved, Fevered Visions.

Although the enchantment didn't stick around for more than a couple of turns, thanks to Dromoka's Command, Sochůrek was definitely on the back foot now. And Thermo-Alchemist only turned up the heat further.

Sochůrek cast two more Dromoka's Commands over the course of the game. Each Command might have been a game changer, but every time, Enckels had something to foil Sochůrek's plans of fighting Enckel's creatures. First, Unsubstantiate, then Lightning Axe.

Thermo-Alchemist and Stormchaser Mage took the game.

Petr Sochůrek

The players were shuffling in silence. The whole proceeding had an air of dead seriousness to it. Sochůrek decided to lighten the mood.

"I kept five lands and Spell Queller," he admitted and laughed.


The players started chatting a bit. They reminisced about some events they had each been to, like Grand Prix Paris earlier this year, the one Sochůrek won. Then it was time for the second game.

Here, Enckels never developed any kind of board presence or credible threat. He was able to keep up with Sochůrek's creatures for a while, and it sure looked impressive when he killed one Spell Queller with Collective Defiance to get back the other Collective Defiance and use that to kill yet another Spell Queller. But if there's anything Bant Company is good at it's providing an endless supply of creatures ...

So it would come to a third game. This time, both players took a mulligan, and although Enckels's initial hand was way better (more on Sochůrek's later) his draws weren't.

Specifically, Enckels was unable to find a fourth land, a real problem considering that he didn't use one of his lands to have Dispel mana available. Nevertheless, he made some headway with Thermo-Alchemist and Stormchaser Mage. When his Thermo-Alchemist blocked Sochůrek's Duskwatch Recruiter, the latter finally knew for certain that there was a Dispel in Enckel's hand and didn't cast Dromoka's Command. He would get a better trade out of it later.

Simon Enckels

Eventually, Enckels tapped all of his lands for Collective Defiance after all, taking Sochůrek to 9, when the latter was tapped out. However, on his turn, Sochůrek used his Dromoka's Command to kill Thermo-Alchemist and cast Ojutai's Command to get back Selfless Spirit and go back to 12.

"I should have kept Dispel up, shouldn't I?" Enckels asked. It wasn't clear whether that may have been better. In any case, Enckels didn't recover from this turn and lost the game, and match, two turns later.

"Know what? I kept five lands plus Duskwatch Recruiter," said Sochůrek. Both players laughed.

Final result: Petr Sochůrek 2-1 Simon Enckels

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