2001 Grand Prix Rio Coverage

Last year, Carlos Romao lost to Rafael Le Saux in the Semifinals of the Latin America Championship. This year, they faced each other in the quarterfinals of Grand Prix Rio. Raomao won this one, and went all the way to the championship, taking home $2,400 as he also turned away visiting players from the USA, defeating Justin Schneider in the Semifinals and Alex Shvartsman in the Finals, making sure that the Rio crown was won by a Brazilian player.


Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Carlos Romao (Brazil) $2,400
 2.  Alex Shvartsman (USA) $1,700
 3.  Justin Schneider (USA) $1,200
 4.  Rafael Alvarenga (Brazil) $1,000
 5.  Rafael Le Saux (Chile) $800
 6.  Ernesto Mingorance (Argentina) $800
 7.  Damian Brown-Santirso (Uruguay) $800
 8.  Daniel Brasil do Carmo (Brazil) $800

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top 8 bracket


(1) Justin Schneider

(8) Dani Brasil do Carmo

(4) Rafael Le Saux

(5) Carlos Eduardo Romao

(2) Alex Shvartsman

(7) Damian Brown-Santirso

(3) Rafael Alvarenga

(6) Ernesto Mingorance


Justin Schneider, 2-1

Carlos Eduardo Romao, 2-0

Alex Shvartsman, 2-0

Rafael Alvarenga, 2-0


Carlos Eduardo Romao, 2-1

Alex Shvartsman, 2-1


Carlos Eduardo Romao, 2-0

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