The Last Undefeated Player

Posted in Event Coverage on July 22, 2018

By Corey Burkhart

Richard Liu is the last undefeated player here at Grand Prix Sacramento. While that honor alone doesn't earn him anything, it does put him into a fantastic position to make the top 8 and potentially, win the entire tournament.

Liu stated came into the day as the overnight leader at 9-0 with his White-Blue sealed deck featuring Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants and the card that he said was the most impactful, Cleansing Nova. In his first draft he drafted one of the most popular archetypes, White-Black life gain. The goal of the White-Black life gain deck is to use lifelink creatures and cards that gain life to trigger your payoff cards like Ajani's Pridemate or Epicure of Blood to win longer games of magic through attrition. Liu decided to go one better and his deck features three copies of Regal Bloodlord!

“I haven't actually drafted Core Set Magic 2019 before so I didn't have a plan coming in. I asked a few friends, and they told me that the draft format plays pretty aggressively. So, when I got done with the draft, I didn't even know if my deck was good. I thought it was okay, but everyone told me my deck looked great."

Liu's deck, headlined by the three Regal Bloodlords also featured a Cleansing Nova, a Gravedigger, and two Murder. In all, his deck was not just okay, but great version of one of the more popular archetypes in Core Set Magic 2019 draft.

I asked Liu what he was thinking going into the next draft:

“I trying to take it one game at a time still. I have eleven wins, but it's limited. My deck this draft was great, the next one could be a lot tougher. I'm just trying to stay focused on each game and I'm not looking ahead to the top 8 just yet."

Liu ended up losing the last match of his draft to Max Mick, to fall to 11-1, but he'll remain atop the leaderboards. In such a great spot to make the top 8 at Grand Prix Sacramento, we'll be following his progress through the next draft and see if he can clinch one of those spots to have a shot at the trophy.

Richard Liu – Draft 1 Grand Prix Sacramento

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