Round 15 Feature Match: Peter Quach vs Alexander Schwartz

Posted in Event Coverage on July 23, 2018

By Corey Burkhart

Peter Quach is playing a nearly mono blue deck with some green in it. His Blue Green deck offers plenty of evasion but he'll need to get onto the battlefield early, as Alexander Schwartz deck has the powerful planeswalker Vivian Reid.

Game 1

Quach came out of the gates quickly with a Supreme Phantom and an Aerial Responder. Schwartz managed to set up his defensive however. He had a Skymarch Bloodletter to hold the Supreme Phantom at bay, and a Daggerback Basilisk to prevent Quach from attacking on the ground with the Aerial Responder.

Quach was missing his second color of mana as he played his fourth island and his Supreme Phantom met an untimely end to a Titanic Growth in combat. After removing the spirit, Schwartz took his opportunity to resolve his best card, Vivian Reid. With Vivian and a fairly safe battlefield, Schwartz began using Vivian's ability to plus and find more creatures. He found a Gargoyle Sentinel, a Fell Specter and a Giant Spider.

Quach tried to battle back, he found a forest allowing him to develop his battlefield with a Skyrider Patrol, but Vivian took it out of the sky in quick order. After a few more turns, Quach decided to pack it in and head to a game number two.

Schwartz takes the lead 1-0.

Game 2

Quach starts the game off with Marauder's Axe and Supreme Phantom. Schwartz attempted to put a stop to the aerial assault deploying a copy of Skymarch Bloodletter, but a second copy of Supreme Phantom allowed him to attack through the vampire while building out his battlefield.

Schwartz had Vivian Reid for turn number five, allowing him to move Vivian down to two loyalty to destroy one of the Supreme Phantoms. He left his Skymarch Bloodletter back to block the second to protect his Vivian Reid. However, Quach had scryed a fourth land to the top of his library, allowing him to Disperse the Skymarch Bloodletter and equip the Marauder's Axe to his Supreme Phantom, taking out Schwartz's Vivian Reid. This was a huge victory for Quach. Schwartz used Vivian to amazing effect in the first game, Quach couldn't allow him to keep her on the battlefield against his deck of mostly flying and artifact creatures.

Schwartz had a follow up Bogstomper which quickly became the largest creature on the battlefield. Quach had a Gearsmith Guardian, and the two players began to race, attacking their large creatures past one another. Quach had the first trick up his sleeve, he used his Reclamation Sage to destroy Schwartz's Skyscanner which opened up an avenue to attack Schwartz. Quach's attacks dropped Schwartz to five.

That didn't phase Schwartz though. He followed up by attacking with his Daggerback Basilisk and Bogstomper. Quach, worried about some a potential combat trick decided to block with his wall of mist, and trade his Reclamation Sage for the Basilisk. The sage dying was just what Schwartz needed however, as it allowed him to use his Rise From the Grave to bring back the Reclamation Sage to destroy Quach's Gearsmith Guardian!

Quach found his battlefield in rubble, all he had left to protect himself was a Supreme Phantom wearing a Marauder's Axe. He played a Salvager of Secrets to return his disperse to his hand, but Schwartz used his Plummet to take the send the Supreme Phantom packing. After attacking, Schwartz played the final card in his hand, a Titanic Growth to get the last points of damage across and earn himself a slot in the Grand Prix Sacramento Top 8.

Congratulations to Alexander Schwartz for winning the match 2-0.

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