Sealed Deckbuilding with (14) Martin Jůza

Posted in Event Coverage on July 21, 2018

By Corey Burkhart

Building a sealed deck can be a really challenging process. I tracked down one of the best limited players in the world, Martin Jůza, to talk me through his process.

“When first building a sealed deck, the first thing I do is look at the number of cards in each color. I try and find the colors with the most cards, and the colors with the least cards." Jůza started with his black cards as they had the least number of cards. “I only have one Lich's Caress, and not enough creatures, I just cannot play black." His goal, eliminate colors and cards he will not play, then look around at the remaining cards looking for the best configuration of his cards and colors.

“I also like to look at the multicolored cards as I go through one of their colors. These tend to be more powerful cards, and I want to be playing with my most powerful cards in sealed deck." He noticed that going through his blue cards he had some good blockers. “I have two different 0/5 creatures (Surge Mare and Wall of Mist). I can then make some artifacts into 5/5s with Skilled Animator."

“If your deck struggles to kill them, you can always try and mill them, but I tend to play one way," Jůza laughed as he set aside his two copies of Millstone. He moved away from his defensive mill deck, but he felt his was missing cheap removal. “There's not enough cheap removal in this format for me to be able to double spell with cards like Divination into a removal spell. Thus, I don't want to try and play a defensive mill deck."

He looked towards his other colors. “I got excited looking at my green cards (pulling out Prodigious Growth, Hungering Hydra, and Reclamation Sage), these cards are all great." However, when Jůza started looking for more creatures to fill out his curve, he couldn't get green to work out. He was lacking at the top end of creatures. He looked to red to see what it had to offer next.

“I normally would be excited by my red cards," he said as he pulled out five red removal spells, “but Shock hasn't impressed me enough in this format. It does a great job of killing cards like Snapping Drake, but struggles to kill the creatures that usually end the games." Jůza had a big priority on figuring out how his sealed deck would win the game, and what his opponent's best chances would be to defeating him.

After trying out a few different color pairs, Jůza began looking at a WU deck. “Maybe I can utilize the artifact subtheme." looking at Marauder's Axe. “I like this card in my deck. It allows my smaller creatures to trade up, and I have plenty of fliers." He wanted to avoid playing with cards like Wall of Mist and Marauder's Axe in the same deck as the equipment wouldn't be pulling its weight when sitting on a creature with defender.

Jůza closed in on his last couple of cards. “I think white is the deepest color (in Core Set 2019 sealed deck), which makes me want to play this Invoke the Divine, it kills Luminous Bonds and Hieromancer's Cage." He settled on a White-Blue fliers deck with a small artifact subtheme which you can check out below.

“Skilled Animator, let's see how skilled he really is!"

Martin Jůza WU – Sealed Deck GP Sacramento 2018

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