Quarter and Semifinal Round-Up

Posted in Event Coverage on August 31, 2015

By Neale Talbot


Rodrigo Lopez (RG Aggro) vs Alberto Sanchez (GB Elves)

Sanchez was already on the back-foot for having received a Game-Loss during Deckbuilding. Things didn't improve as Lopez used Joraga Invocation to clear Sanchez's battlefield. Sanchez tried to recover but lost to a Titanic Growth for lethal damage.

Sanchez, already on the back foot, loses his only game in the semifinals.

Lopez (1-0) moves to the Semi-Finals.

Martán Quiroga (R/G Aggro) vs Esteban Truyol (B/W Control)

Game 1 was a lengthy affair, with both players building up a large army. Despite a one-sided Eyeblight Massacre by Truyol, Quiroga managed to rebuild and survive to Cast Joraga Invocation, allowing him to decimate Truyol's team for the win. Game 2 Truyol turned the tide with a Priest of the Blood Rite and constant removal for Quiroga's monsters. Game 3 Quiroga once again found his Joraga Invocation and crushed his opponent.

Quiroga's monsters monstered Truyol out of the Top 8.

Quiroga (2-1) moves to the semi-finals.

Jorge Guerra (R/W Aggro) vs Claudio Barrientos Ochoa (Mono-Blue Control)

Guerra ran over Claudio in two quick games with is RW aggro deck. In the first Guerra used multiple Cleric of the Forward Order and Boggart Brutes to make Ochoa's defence useless. In the second an early Thopter Spy Network from Barrientos Ochoa was destroyed by Enlightened Ascetic and shortly after Guerra took Ochoa down with a Kytheon's Irregulars.

Guerra stayed cool under pressure throughout his match.

Guerra (2-0) moves to the semi-finals.

Christian Flores (R/G Aggro) vs Tomoharu Saito (U/B Control)

Game 1, Flores had a very fast start with two drops, but soon after ran out of gas. Saito turned the game around with a Soulblade Djinn and killed him in the air over the next few turns. Game 2, Flores had a slower start, but Saito was stuck on two lands for two turns. However, Flores once again couldn't find creatures to cast and Saito started to come back. Finally, Flores found and cast Gaea's Revenge and managed to drop Saito to nine. Saito eventually found enough creatures to trade for the giant Elemental. Shortly after Saito cast Soulblade Djinn again and proceeded to win the match.

Flores showed no signs of being worried playing Saito

Saito (2-0) moves to the semi-finals.


Martán Quiroga (R/G Aggro) vs Rodrigo Lopez (RG Aggro)

The RG mirror match featured two players with near identical decks. Game 1 both started with Mage-Ring Bully, but Lopez opened up an advantage with a Somberwald Alpha. When Lopez found his Rhox Maulers a turn before Quiroga, Game 1 was all over. Game 2 both players mulliganed to four. Lopez struggled on four lands while Quiroga hit five and started dropping his Rhox Maulers and Seismic Elemental to close out the match. Game 3 Lopez hit a blistering start of Goblin Glory Chaser into Subterranean Scout into Dragon Fodder. Quiroga appeared to stabilise with an early Jogara's Invocation, but Lopez re-built, stabilised, then hit with a lethal Jogara's Invocation of his own.

Lopez beat Quiroga in three tights games to reach the Finals.

Lopez (2-1) moves to the finals.

Jorge Guerra (R/W Aggro) vs Tomoharu Saito (U/B Control)

Game 1 Saito mulliganed to five cards, then was run over by perfect curve of Cleric of the Forward Order, Knight of the Pilgrim's Road and Kytheon's Irregulars. The next game Saito hit an Turn 3 Angel's Tomb and proceeded to race the R/W Aggro deck. The game eventually turned on Saito using a Gilt-Leaf Winnower to kill Guerra's Consul's Lieutenant in order to win the damage race. Guerra hit a fast start in Game 3, but a double Reave Soul from Saito slowed him enough for Saito to stablise. A Skaab Goliath from Saito turned the game around and eventually Guerra fell to Saito's army.

Saito manages to slow Guerra's aggro deck down enough to take the semifinal match.

Saito (2-1) moves to the finals.

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