Finals - Rodrigo López vs Tomoharu Saito

Posted in Event Coverage on August 31, 2015

By Neale Talbot

Rodrigo López couldn't of expected a harder end-boss; Tomoharu Saito. Although López had beaten Saito at the end of Day 1, he would have to do so again if he wanted to be the Champion of Grand Prix Santiago. Could he beat the Japanese master twice?

Game 1

López had a very aggressive start ,with a Caustic Caterpillar into Undercity Troll. There was nothing on the board for Saito. López equipped a Sigil of Valor onto the green, hairy monster and swung in. No response from Saito meant the troll became renowned. Next turn, with López tapped out, Saito used the opportunity to reave the troll's soul.

Saito fought hard against his aggressive opponent.

The two went back and forth for a few turns, until a Zendikar Incarnate equipped with the Sigil of Valor started posing real problems for Saito. Saito intended on slowing down the attack with a Fetid Imp, so López shifted gears. He whistled for a Somberwald Alpha, protecting it from another Reave Soul with a Veteran's Sidearm. López then shifted the Sigil of Valor around less precious creatures until Saito ran out of resources to block with. Eventually the living land swung in for lethal.

López 1 - Saito 0

Game 2

Saito get off to a good start with a Fetid Imp followed by a Deadbridge Shaman, but soon found himself on the back foot as López filled the board with a Leaf Gilder, Goblin Glory Chaser, Caustic Caterpillar and Rhox Maulers. Saito shifted onto the defence with a Ringwarden Owl supporting the team.

López, seeing Saito tapped out, played a Sigil of Valor, equipped it to the Rhox Maulers, cast a Dragon Fodder and sent in the elephant as a 9/9 trampler. Saito tried to race in the air with the Ringwarden Owl and a Disperse on the Rhox, but when his Gilt-Leaf Winnower failed to find a target and López's Lightning Javelin took out his Fetid Imp, Saito found himself struggling.

López again played the attrition game until Saito was left with no choice but to concede.

Rodrigo López and Tomoharu shake hands.

Having beaten the end boss, López was the winner of Grand Prix Santiago!

Rodrigo López, the Grand Prix Santiago Winner and local hero!

López 2 - Saito 0

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