Round 10: Christian Flores vs. Jorge Guerra

Posted in Event Coverage on August 30, 2015

By Neale Talbot

The two undefeated players of Grand Prix Santiago, Christian Flores and Jorge Guerra, faced off in the first round of Swiss Drafts. Both players were local to Chile, but relatively new to the competitive game. Guerra recently won a PPTQ and subsequently Top 8'd the PTQ. Flores has two World Magic Cup Qualifier Top 8s and also won a recent PPTQ. The two players seemed evenly matched, but only one could remain undefeated.

Christian Flores and Jorge Guerra prepare to battle at Grand Prix Santiago.

Guerra won the roll and elected to play.

Game 1

The early game was spend with both players building up their armies. Flores summoned a Caustic Caterpillar, Elvish Visionary and a Gearcrafter plus Thopter Token. Guerra called to battle a Leaf Gilder, Scrapskin Drake, and Dwynen's Elite plus elf token. The two traded blows, pecking at each other in the sky, Guerra with the Scrapskin Drake, while Flores used an Infectious Bloodlust to power up his Thopter Token. Guerra started to shore up the sky with a Ringwarden Owl.

If ever there was a “fundamental turn” in a game of Magic, Flores demonstrated an example with brilliance. After asking for a hand-count from Guerra, Flores cast Act of Treason on the Ringwarden Owl. After it resolved, he cast Fiery Impulse on his opponents Dwynen's Elite, pumping the Owl. He swung in with his entire team, pushing through seven damage in the sky and trading his Gearcrafter for the elf token and Visionary for the Leaf Gilder. After ending the turn, this left a Thopter token still infected with bloodlust on his side of the board, and the Ringwarden Owl on Guerra's side.

Christian Flores considers his options.

During upkeep, Flores targeted the Ringwarden Owl with another Fiery Impulse for three damage, due to Spell Mastery. Guerra protected it with a Might of the Masses, but it left Guerra's hand dry. Guerra passed the turn back. Flores cast a hasty Firefiend Elemental and attacked with his two creatures. The Owl was forced to block the token in the air, killing both, but allowing Flores to search for a second Infectious Bloodlust. The renowned Firefiend Elemental plus Infectious Bloodlust soon finished the job.

Flores 1 - Guerra 0

Game 2

While Guerra was on the play, Flores had the faster start with Caterpillar into Gearcrafter, pausing only to fire off a Fiery Impulse on Guerra's lone Dwynen's Elite. A Scrapskin Drake allowed Guerra to race, but not to stabilise, and was shortly shut down by a Hitchclaw Recluse from Flores.

Things don't look great for Jorge Guerra.

Flores continued to attack on the ground, though slowed a little by a Separatist Voidmage. However his fast start meant that by the time Guerra found a Vastwood Gorger to shut down Flores' ground crew it was too late; Flores had found a Lightning Javelin to deal the last direct damage necessary to end the match.

Flores was now the last remaining undefeated player at Grand Prix Santiago.

Flores 2 - Guerra 0

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