Round 4: Willy Edel vs Nicolas Morales

Posted in Event Coverage on August 29, 2015

By Neale Talbot

The first feature match of GP Santiago faced off new Magic Hall of Famer inductee Willy Edel, with four Pro Tour Top 8s under his sleeve, against Nicolas Morales, a local player. Edel made the first move by placing an ‘I played against a Magic the Gathering Hall of Famer” badge on Morales’ playmat.

Game 1

Edel won the roll and elected to play first. He dropped an early, aggressive, Abbot of Keral Keep, exiling a Plains to no effect. Morales opened with a Leaf Gilder in response. Edel began the race with a Call of the Full Moon on his Abbot, pushing the aggressive start further.

Morales ramped into a Rhox Maulers that traded with the Abbot, followed by a Vastwood Gorger. Edel, in contrast, trapped on three mountains, struggled to contain the giant wurm, which slowly but surely devoured his life total.

Edel 0 - Morales 1

Willy Edel’s Boros deck and Nicolas Morales’ Golgari deck face of during Round 4 of GP Santiago

Game 2

Edel elected to go first again, but kept a very slow hand, his first play a War Oracle on Turn 4, not the aggressive start he wanted against Morales’ giant creatures. Morales first creature was also a four-drop, Guardian Automaton.

Edel turned his War Oracle into a lycanthrope with another Call of the Full Moon and started beating his opponent down. Morales found a Unholy Hunger to kill the War Oracle, then backed his board up with a Rhox Maulers.

Edel, with only a Topan Freeblade, needed a way past the two bigger creatures. He found it with a combination of Act of Treason on the Guardian Automaton, which was then sacrificed to Fiery Conclusion on the Rhox Mauler, allowing the Topan Freeblade to get in and become renowned.

Morales quickly recovered with a Nantuko Husk and a Deadbridge Shaman, slowing Edel right down. These were followed by a Vastwood Gorger. With little to do, Edel fired off a Chandra's Fury, killing the Deadbridge Shaman and putting Morales on a perilously low life total.

Edel tempted Morales to sacrifice his wurm to the Nantuko Huskm, in response to a second Act of Treason, but Morales didn’t take the bait, instead blocking the Vastwood Gorger with his Husk, protecting his life total and saving the wurm.

Morales cast a Wild Instincts, using the wurm to kill the renowned warrior, which put Edel well behind with nothing on the board. Edel attempted to recover with a Subterranean Scout, but the lowly 2/1 was no match for the massive monsters slowly accumulating under Morales. A few turns later Edel was dead.

Edel 0 - Morales 2

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