Los Top 5 Momentos

Posted in Event Coverage on October 30, 2016

By Neale Talbot

5) Emrakul You? No, Emrakul You!

Luis Salvatto, the captain of the Argentinian team for the WMC, had a very exciting BG Delirium mirror match in Round 7. In Game One, his opponent, Guido Barlari, was in the driver's seat for the better part of the game. Barlari had ultimated Liliana, the Last Hope by turn 7. Two turns later Salvatto managed to win that game on the back of Emrakul, the Promised End, which enough to race the ever growing hoard of multiple Zombie tokens.

That wasn't enough Emrakul, however. The match needed more Emrakul. In the third game, four Emrakul were cast between both players. However Salvatto had double Emrakul in hand to Barlari's one, and with the help of unlikely ally Liliana, Luis was able recur Emrakul as well as keep in check all the opposing Emrakuls.

“I was always ahead in that game,” Salvatto said. “Upticking Liliana was key to win the Emrakul head-to-head during the extra turns; it was a really great match.”

4) Bounce It? Bounce It? Bounce It? Bounce It?

In Round 8, Patricio Roman, who was part of the Chile team for the World Magic Cup in 2015, piloted the Blue-White deck against his opponent Pablo Araya Leal. Roman demonstrated just how cruel the deck can be to those that stand against it when he cast four Reflector Mages in a row to keep his opponent permanently off balance. Considering Roman also had Spell Queller backup, the deck hardly felt fair at all.

3) An Amazing Undefeated Run

Cristian Cespedes achieved an amazing undefeated 12-0 run today with his Green-Black Delirium deck. Even starting with two byes, considering the depth of the field around him, he managed to navigate both mirror matches and Blue-White Flash challenges with aplomb. His run was so good that in Round 13 he had to play on, as there was no-one able to ID with him, as no-one else had a good enough record to be safe for Top 8. Forced to play on, he unfortunately lost Round 13 ending his undefeated run, but went on to make Top 8 and gain that precious Pro Tour invitation.

2) Marcos Paulo De Jesus Freitas Makes Top 8

Some things don't translate that well to paper when you're not in the room; but the reaction in the room to the announcement that Marcos Paulo De Jesus Freitas made Top 8, in eighth place, was electric. It's a testimony to the close knit community amongst the South American players that one person's' triumph suddenly felt like everybody's. The hugs, smiles, and cheers won't soon be forgotten. Welcome back onto the Pro Tour, Marcos.

1) Chavarria Beats the Boogieman

In an ending fit for Halloween, John Chavarria faced off against Jonathan Melamed's rogue Blue-Red Fevered Visions deck. For two days Melamed had been harvesting wins off the Green-Black Delirium decks he had tuned the deck to beat, and he had ended Day 1 at 9-0. John Chavarria carefully navigated the finals, winning the first game handily, getting crushed in the second, but maintaining his composure to triumph in the third and final game. Chavarria had done what so many powerful decks couldn't do that weekend and Beat the Boogieman. Congratulations to John Chavarria, the winner of GP Santiago 2016.

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