The Art of John Avon

Posted in Event Coverage on May 3, 2015

By Chapman Sim

John Avon, Guest Artist at Grand Prix São Paulo

One of the most prolific Magic artists, John Avon is renowned for his unique style most frequently seen on land cards, both basic and non-basic. Ever since his very first Mirage mountain in 1998, John has gone on to contribute hundreds of artwork to the Magic Multiverse.

A sampling of John Avon's beautiful prints up on sale at Grand Prix São Paulo.

Despite being swamped by autograph and alteration requests from a horde of enthusiastic fans, I managed to find some time to get a few questions in.

Chapman: Hello John, I hope you're having a great weekend! How are you liking São Paulo so far?

John: Yes, this is my first time in South America and I am really enjoying both the city and the people.

The city is an intriguing mix of old and new, beautiful modern buildings next to fascinating old ones. Everyone here seems very happy and easygoing, which is impressive in such a big city. The tournament hall is spectacular and we are thrilled that the event has been a big success - so many players!

Each and every person I have met has been very enthusiastic and kind to me, it really helps when I am tired. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being so nice to me and also a huge thank you to the organizers for bringing Guy (my business partner) and I over here. It has been memorable!

Chapman: Which is your personal favorite piece of artwork of all time?

John: Of my own personal work, my favorite piece changes every few years. But at the moment, my favorite work is the Return to Ravnica forest. It is inspired by a dream and I find it very calming.

Return to Ravnica Forest

Chapman: I happen to really like that one too! Which pieces have been popular this weekend in São Paulo? And what are your best selling items this weekend?

John: The Unhinged Swamp sold out on the very first day! All the Unhinged lands are very popular, but also the Zendikar ones too.

Many people have asked to buy our book, Journeys to Somewhere Else. Some have also wanted to buy our posters and playmats, but we just brought just one of each for display - they are too heavy/big for us to bring on the plane. The posters and playmats can be found on eBay and the book and is available on

Basic Lands are the bread and butter of Magic. John Avon's full-art Unhinged lands are a classy choice.

Chapman: That's awesome! I'll be sure to check those out. Can you tell us anything about your upcoming events and plans?

John: We just finished our book which was a massive effort for Guy and I. We worked so hard over the last 12 months but we are really proud of the achievement - it has 30 years of my best art, including LOADS of Magic: the Gathering paintings.

After São Paulo, we are looking to open a gallery and studio back in Brighton and also we have Grand Prix London coming up in August 2015. There, we will have all the posters, playmats and many books on sale- so if anyone from Brazil is coming over you can get them then! Not too far to travel, is it? =)

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