Deck Tech: Bruno Dias' Red Green Midrange

Posted in GRAND PRIX SÃO PAULO 2015 on May 2, 2015

By Chapman Sim

Bruno Martinez Pereira Dias, better known as Bruno_Overlord on Magic Online, is a well-known Brazilian Magic player. A restauranteur from Rio de Janeiro, Dias' claim to fame was a MOCS win in 2013, qualifying him for the Magic Online Championship.

Bruno Dias showing off his Red Green Midrange deck!

He is well prepared for what may come his way, armed with a product that has been carefully sanded after hours and hours of practice. "I must have made around 35 QP with this deck in the past two weeks. I think I have a good deck for this tournament."

At first glance, it looks like a traditional Red Green Dragons deck. The usual suspects are in the mix, including Xenagos, the Reveler, Thunderbreak Regent, Stormbreath Dragon and the innocuous (but superbly powerful) Elvish Mystic.

Dragons, Dragons, Everywhere!

But, there's more...

"Esper Dragons did so well at Grand Prix Kraków, and I also expect Mono Red and Abzan to be popular this weekend." Because of that, he has decided to add Deathmist Raptors and Whisperwood Elemental to his concoction.

The lack of two drops is the obvious gaping hole as can be seen from his mana curve, but Dias explains that it is not a problem. "Since my deck has a powerful late game, I am happy to use my burn spells to stabilize the board on turns one through three."

Dias jumps onto the Raptor Bandwagon.

True enough, his deck has quite a lot of staying power. The engine of Deathmist Raptors and Whisperwood Elemental does give him a decent advantage in the attrition war, and the addition of Outpost Siege also adds a different dimension to his game plan.

"Outpost Siege is such an outstanding card. Sometimes, when the board is gummed up and I need the final push, I set it on 'Dragons' and it helps me deal the last few damage. Against the slower decks like Esper Dragons and Abzan Control, Outpost Siege allows me to play the long game with them. I am very happy to have two copies in the maindeck. They took the place of Xenagos, the Reveler because I expected a lot of Searing Blood this weekend."

The addition of Stoke the Flames is equally interesting. Dias explains that nobody plays around Stoke the Flames. "Sometimes, if I am tapped out with a few creatures in play, my opponent may attack with Dragonlord Ojutai or think they have a lethal attack and I get trump to throw off the combat math. Additional burn also combine with Crater's Claws for unexpected kills."

He also has secret tech in the sideboard and I was especially intrigued by the pair of Display of Dominance. "I sideboard this in against mainly the black decks that have a lot of removal. My creatures are considerably big and if I do manage to "counter" a kill spell, that is all I need to win the game. It also removes Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver, Whip of Erebos and Encase in Ice, all great cards against him.

I shudder to think about it.

Can you imagine pointing Hero's Downfall at Thunderbreak Regent (taking 3 damage from its trigger), getting it countered, then getting attacked for an additional 4 damage?

Dias has a trick up his sleeve this weekend.

In addition, he is also happy to swap out Roasts in exchange of Plummets in view of the high number of Dragons he expects to face. In addition, he also took the liberty of changing a second Destructive Revelry to Ainok Survivalist. The additional Morph would go a long way in helping Dias resurrect his raptors!

Bruno Dias' Red Green Midrange – Grand Prix Sao Paulo

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