Quarterfinals: Sergio Barrientos (RG Devotion) vs. Leonardo Oliveira (Atarka Red)

Posted in Event Coverage on May 3, 2015

By Chapman Sim

Both players are playing in their very first top eight, incidentally with the same colors. Both decks are Red and Green, but are vastly different in concept. Both involve Atarka though.

For one, Leonardo Oliveria's deck was very very red. A nearly mono-red deck splashing green for only four green cards, Atarka's Command.

For Sergio Barrientos, it was the opposite. His near Mono-Green Devotion deck touched red for just a few cards, in particular Dragonlord Atarka.

Game One

Oliveira opened with Foundry Street Denizen and Monastery Swiftspear and got in for some quick punches. But not quite quick enough. By the time he managed Hordeling Outburst, Barrientos was ready to defend with Courser of Kruphix and Polukranos, World Eater. Whisperwood Elemental also started to populated the board with 2/2s and it seemed like Oliveria's hopes of mounting a successful attack were over.

Dragonlord Atarka leads the charge!

Not too long later, Dragonlord Atarka made its grand appearance for Barrientos, paving the way for the lethal attack. Seventeen damage in one fell swoop!

Sergio Barrientos 1 - Leonardo Oliveira 0

Game Two

Oliveira amassed an army with double Dragon Fodder. That allowed him to cast Stoke the Flames on the opposing Courser of Kruphix without spending any mana.

Polukranos, World Eater met with Roast, and it looked like Barrientos was in trouble. Facing Monastery Swiftspear and four Goblin tokens, he had no defense whatsoever.

Leonardo Oliveria equalizes the score with Goblin Heelcutter's heelcutting.

Nylea's Disciple gained him two life, but the life boost was quickly undone. Goblin Hellcutter prevented it from blocking, and Barrientos took 8 from that attack, going down to 2 life.

A second Nylea's Disciple gained him 4 life but that was hardly enough. All Oliveira had to do was to replay Goblin Hellcutter and send all his creatures into the red zone.

Sergio Barrientos 1 - Leonardo Oliveira 1

Game Three

Barrientos was first to play this time and he opened with Sylvan Caryatid, which was pretty good for hindering Frenzied Goblin. Oliveria passed turn 2 with no play, much to Barrientos' surprise.

He tapped out on Turn 3 for Polukranos, World Eater, only to have it Roasted alive. He replaced it with a second copy. Seeing no immediate way to win the game, Oliveira decided to cast Goblin Hellcutter and hope for the best.

Sergio Barrientos powers out Dragonlord Atarka on Turn 5.

The best was not to be, as Barrientos recruited Nylea's Disciple, gaining five life in the process. Using Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, Barrientos powered out Dragonlord Atarka, wisely choosing to distribute 3 damage to Goblin Heelcutter and 2 to Frenzied Goblin, effectively playing around Atarka's Command.

With his opponent at over 20 life, Oliveira knew there was no way for him to win with his demolished board and just a single Atarka's Command in his hand.

Sergio Barrientos 2 - Leonardo Oliveira 1

Sergio Barrientos advances to the semifinals.

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