Grand Prix Santa Clara 5-8 Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on January 8, 2018

By Corbin Hosler

Just missing out on the Top 4 are these four teams, who all finished with strong records and placed in the Top 8 of the tournament. Here are the decks they chose to bring to the Team Trios competition.

Severa-Black-Baeckstrom, 5th place

Matt Severa's Temur Energy

Sam Black's Lantern Control

Andrew Baeckstrom's Four-Color Delver

Mei-Koenig-Witten, 6th place

Michael Mei's Temur Energy

Jake Koenig's Affinity

Zack Witten's Four-Color Delver

Nass-Pardee-Wilson, 7th place

Matt Nass' Temur Energy

Sam Pardee's Eldrazi Tron

Jacob Wilson's Sultai Leovold

Carter-Penney-Murch, 8th place

Josh Carter's White-Blue Cycling

Joseph Penney's Affinity

Andrew Murch's Sneak and Show

Special thanks to Danny Batterman for his contributions.

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