Disqualification in Round 3

Posted in Event Coverage on November 7, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

Today, in Round 3 of the Grand Prix Seattle-Tacoma main event, a player was disqualified from the main event for intentionally playing with counterfeit Magic cards.

"We had received a lead that a player was playing in today's event with cards in his deck that they knew were counterfeit," said Chris Richter, Level 4 judge for four years, and head judge of the Grand Prix Seattle-Tacoma main event. "As a result of this tip, we had this player deck checked in Round 3. Upon inspecting that player's deck, it was determined that a number of the cards that were in the deck were indeed counterfeit. Investigations and discussion with the player made it clear that he was aware of the counterfeits."

"Intentionally playing with counterfeit cards in a sanctioned Magic tournament is tournament fraud as per the Magic tournament rules, and as a result of this discovery and following investigations, the player in question was disqualified from the tournament."

Players are reminded that knowingly playing with counterfeit cards in a sanctioned Magic event is tournament fraud, and will be subject to disqualification and review from the investigation committee for further action when caught.

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