Day 2 Metagame Breakdown

Posted in GRAND PRIX SEVILLE 2015 on February 15, 2015

By Frank Karsten

Day 2 of Grand Prix Seville has begun, and we've got a metagame breakdown of what the field looks like here today. Red/White Beatdown and Abzan Aggro are the most popular decks. Surprises include the resurgence of Green Devotion and the relative absence of Mardu Midrange and Blue/White Heroic. Here are the raw numbers:

Deck Archetype Number of Players in Day 2
Red/White Beatdown 14
Abzan Aggro 13
Red/Green Beatdown 9
Green Devotion 7
Sultai Control 6
Abzan Midrange 5
Jeskai Tokens 5
Mono-red Aggro 6
Sidisi-Whip 6
Blue/Black Control 4
Jeskai Fireworks 4
Temur 4
Chromanticore-Soulflayer 1
Esper Control 1
Jeskai Ascendancy combo 1
Mardu Midrange 1
Sultai Ramp 1
Blue/White Heroic 1