QUICK QUESTION: Any Surprises in the New Standard?

Posted in GRAND PRIX SEVILLE 2015 on February 15, 2015

By Tobi Henke

Any Surprises in the New Standard?

We went to a few of the more well-known players here at the Grand Prix this weekend and asked them whether anything in the format had really surprised them since the introduction of Fate Reforged. A deck, a card maybe? Here's what they had to say...

Martin Jůza: Ugin, the Spirit Dragon! I thought it was overcosted but I guess I've been proven wrong. Personally, though, I like to be more aggressive than that.

Fabrizio Anteri: Meh. Nothing yet.

Vincent Lemoine: No. Turns out the Fate Reforged cards that look good really are good.

Steve Hatto: I stumbled over an interesting deck idea which used convoke—mainly Triplicate Spirits—to turn Soulfire Grand Master into an actual engine card of sorts.

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