Seventeen hours and three airports: Lukas Blohon didn’t want to miss this GP

Posted in Event Coverage on February 14, 2015

By Frank Karsten

It’s 4 am on Saturday. Grand Prix Seville starts in less than 5 hours, and Lukas Blohon is in Lisbon, Portugal, about to go to sleep in a different country than where he’s supposed to play his matches today. Judging from the lengths he went through to travel to this event, Blohon must’ve had an incredible desire to attend this Grand Prix. I sat down with him to find out what sparked this.

Lukas Blohon’s relationship with Magic

Blohon has been a regular at high-profile Magic events, having made it to the Top 8 of Pro Tour Dark Ascension in 2012 as a member of Team ChannelFireball. After that peak, he did well at several other Pro Tours that season, but missed Platinum level in the Pro Players Club on tiebreaks. Given that disappointing miss and given that he wanted to start going to the university again, he quit the competitive scene for several years. “I still stayed in touch with people and watched coverage, but I didn’t play any Grands Prix or Pro Tours that year,” Blohon explained.

Recently, however, his passion for the game had rekindled. “I started to miss Magic, so I started to play again. I won a PTQ for Pro Tour Theros in Hawaii, and I placed in the Top 8 of Grand Prix Stockholm to get an invite for Pro Tour Fate Reforged. Now I need to qualify again for Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir in Brussels,” he said.

Onward to Seville

“I decided that if I want to qualify for Brussels, then there are only 3 GPs before it: Seville, Cleveland, and Liverpool. I currently have 15 pro points, so I have to make either 5 points for Silver level or Top 8 in Seville. Those were basically my only options. I really wanted to qualify for Brussels, so I wanted to do the maximum for it.”

“The only reasonably affordable ticket was a 17-hour flight which took me from Prague to Lisbon on Friday evening and from Lisbon to Seville on Saturday morning,” Blohon continued. “Since I arrived this morning at the airport at 10:50 am and only had 2 byes, it was kind of close, but it all worked out, and I got here before the start of Round 3 with 30 minutes to spare. I don’t think I have ever had to go to another country, and then fly in on the morning of the GP. Last night, I stayed in an airport hotel next to Lisbon, and I only slept for four hours, but I’m happy to be here.”

His Magic-related plans for the future

“I recently moved in with Stanislav Cifka, Ivan Floch, Ondrej Strasky, and Jan Kotrla. We’re known as Team Well Played, and we are a group of close friends who bonded through Magic. We want to play Magic and stream it every day.”

“I think it will help me to play with very good players like Cifka and Ivan a lot, so I can learn from them. We can discuss the plays, and by streaming you’re forced to explain the plays, which I think will be beneficial for me as well. And it helps that we have our own house when for testing for PTs. I really hope I get back on the train.”

His Grand Prix Seville experience

Unfortunately for him, Blohon just picked up his third loss and is out of contention. Having only had two days to get into Standard after returning from Washington, he felt that his Abzan Midrange deck was probably a couple cards off. But this is not going to stop him. Given his willingness to take an absurd set of flights for a chance to qualify for the Pro Tour, there's bound to be a lot more to come from him in the upcoming months!

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