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By Chapman Sim

Watanabe's take on the Sealed format sounds simple enough.

Either you build a two-color aggro deck with a light splash for a third color, or play a five-color control deck with the highest possible power. Midrange decks will not be powerful enough because games in general will go very long and the player with the best cards will win.

Yuuya Watanabe

When trying to build the five-color control deck, Watanabe explains that he will usually play all his dual-colored and tri-colored lands, then adding basics to balance the remainder out. "Just grab all your lands and all your bombs, and play them."

The building blocks of a five-color control deck.

Balancing the number of Delve cards are also important. "I don't think I will ever play more than three. It's very risky and makes your deck very high curve." True to his word, he ran only two Sultai Scavengers and one Shambling Attendants in his maindeck, boarding in Treasure Cruise only against slower decks.

Yuuya Watanabe-Grand Prix Shanghai 2014 (Day One Sealed Deck 7-2)

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"I'm such a bad player and I misbuilt my deck! I can't believe I didn't include Crater's Claws in my maindeck. I have Bloodfell Caves and two Rugged Highlands in the sideboard for the splash. I think you should always play Crater's Claws in Sealed Deck because the format is so slow. But I'm happy with 7-2, my deck isn't very good."

Watanabe-san tweaks his deck in between rounds.

No worries though, this "bad player" will make up for it in the draft portion. Good luck Yuuya Watanabe!