Posted in GRAND PRIX SHANGHAI 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on October 5, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

Oh Joohyun is a relative unknown, but great friends of Pro Tour regulars Park Jun Young and Nam Sung Wook. Today, he will be playing in his very first Grand Prix Top 8.

Han Bing on the other hand is a major celebrity of sorts in China. As the Chinese National Champion this season, it seemed befitting for him to defend the title and keep it on local ground.

Game 1

Oh chose to play first and flooded the board with Wetland Sambar, Bloodfire Mentor and Watcher of the Roost. Han had several creatures of his own as well, including double Leaping Master, Hordeling Outburst and Highspire Mantis. Oh had Dragon-Style Twins to stop the part of the bleeding, but not all of it.

Highspire Mantis and Leaping Masters proved to be a formidable attackers, quickly taking chunks off Oh's precious life total. Thereafter, Han attacked with his entire team, flipping up Efreet Weaponmaster to knock Oh down to 4. Han tried to end the game there and then with Arrow Storm, but Oh showed him Disdainful Stroke.

That didn't discourage Han from swinging with his entire team the next turn, and Oh scooped up his cards.

Han Bing's Highspire Mantis clinched him Game One.

Oh Joohyun 0 – Han Bing 1

Game 2

A pair of Han's morphs faced off against Oh's Abzan Falconer and Scaldkin. One of the morphs turned out to be Efreet Weaponmaster, successfully killing the Abzan Falconer when it blocked.

Oh enlisted Bloodfire Mentor to stave off the opposing 4/3, but Han got around it by adding three Goblin tokens to the board with Hordeling Outburst. Oh trumped with Sage of the Inward Eye, threatening to take over the race single-handedly, provided he had enough spells to give his entire team lifelink.

However, that was not to be.

Han cast Rush of Battle and attacked with his entire team, dropping Oh to just 1 life. On the next turn, he flipped up Mystic of the Hidden Way to charge in for the kill unimpeded to the roar of the crowd.

Oh loses the Jeskai mirror match and will have to settle for "merely' a Top 8 appearance.

Oh Joohyun 0 – Han Bing 2

Han Bing wins and advances to the semifinals!