Posted in GRAND PRIX SHANGHAI 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on October 5, 2014

By Chapman Sim

What are the best cards in both your Booster Drafts today?

Gao Tan: Pod 1: Sagu Mauler
Pod 2: Savage Knuckleblade
Han Bing: Pod 1: Crater's Claws
Pod 2: Utter End
Charles Lai: Pod 1: Winterflame. It won me a crucial game.
Pod 2: Either Siege Rhino or High Sentinels of Arashin.
Yuuki Ichikawa: Pod 1: Empty the Pits. That card is crazy.
Pod 2: Double See the Unwritten!
Zhang Mengqiu: Pod 1: Butcher of the Horde
Pod 2: My deck is terrible, I think the best card is Warden of the Eye.
Albertus Law: Pod 1: Ashcloud Phoenix
Pod 2: Mantis Rider
Yuuya Watanabe: Pod 1: Incremental Growth. I had two copies!
Pod 2: Necropolis Fiend

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