Posted in GRAND PRIX SHANGHAI 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on October 5, 2014

By Chapman Sim

Yu Yin and Han Bing already knew that it was going to be an all-China finals. After all, the match at the other bracket was over in the blink of an eye. Xu Su capitalized on Tamada Ryoichi's misfortune (he was stuck on two lands) and completed the match before I could even get there. Long time friend Yu and Han wished each other the best before offering up their decks to each other for shuffling.

"May the best man win," Han offered.

"Hear hear!" was the brotherly reply.

Game 1

Yu's Disowned Ancestor was the perfect creature to activate Raid, allowing him to summon Mardu Hordechief on turn three. This was the perfect foil against Han's Wetland Sambar and a third turn morph.

Yu produced Abzan Guide, only to be copied by Han's Clever Impersonator. Rite of the Serpent dealt with the duplicate and attacked with his original, putting him ahead in the damage race and eventually going all the way.

Yu's Abzan Guide goes all the way!

Yu Yin 1 – Han Bing 0

Game 2

Han was down a game and faced the ill-fate of having to mulligan down to six.

That didn't stop him from enlisting Leaping Master and Mardu Hordechief. Despite the blistering start, Yu was able to stem the bleeding with Disowned Ancestor and Highland Game.

However, Han sought the help of a pair of Mystic of the Hidden Way and started taking chunks off Yu's life total. Yu found no removal for either of the monks and reached for his sideboard.

A pair of Mystic of the Hidden Way helped Han Bing tie up the match.

Yu Yin 1 – Han Bing 1

Game 3

Han kicked off the game with Wetland Sambar, only to be held back by Gurmac Swiftwing. Sometimes I wonder why a tiny bat can hold off a full-sized elk.

Regardless, both players put down a couple of morphs and waited for a good time to strike. Han was the first to budge, first flipping over the first of his three Mystic of the Hidden Ways. Yu made use of the window to turn over Abzan Guide, regaining the life he had lost from that hit.

Han tried to hold the fort with a trio of Hordeling Outburst tokens, but that didn't stop Yu from attacking with Abzan Guide. Obviously representing a trick, Han wisely declined to block. Since that was the case, Yu had no need to use Awaken the Bear and instead summoned Ivorytusk Fortress.

All this time, Han was stuck on only blue and red mana and could only summon a pair of Leaping Masters. A second Abzan Guide proved too much for Han to handle and he extended his hand in gracious defeat.

Yu Yin's Abzan Guides destroyed Han Bing's damage-oriented Jeskai deck.

Yu Yin 2 – Han Bing 1

Yu Yin advances to the finals, where he will face fellow countryman, Xu Su!