Day 2 Metagame Breakdown

Posted in GRAND PRIX SHANGHAI 2015 on May 17, 2015

By Chapman Sim

Day 2 of Grand Prix Shanghai has begun. As mentioned previously, only 118 competitors remain and here is what they have brought to the tables.

Top Archetypes: The 'Abzan' Decks

Deck Percentage

Abzan Aggro

23 (19.5%)

Abzan Control

15 (12.7%)

Abzan Megamorph

4 (3.4%)

The Next Four: The Sea of Red

Deck Percentage

Red Green Dragons

12 (10.1%)

Mardu Dragons

11 (9.3%)

Atarka Red

10 (8.5%)

Green Red Devotion

9 (7.6%)

  • Many players chose to soar through the skies with dragons this weekend. Approximately 20% of players opted to play with Stormbreath Dragon and Thunderbreak Regent.
  • The Red Green Dragons players used fast mana to accelerate their win, while the Mardu Dragons players opted for higher threat density and solid removal.
  • The presence of Atarka was also felt in Day 2. 10 players chose to defeat their opponents with the help of little red men and Atarka's Command, 9 others chose to summon Dragonlord Atarka from their Green-based Devotion decks instead.

Completing the Picture: The Less Represented Decks

Deck Percentage

Esper Dragons

6 (5%)

White Green Company

5 (4.2%)

Ojutai Bant

5 (4.2%)

Temur Aggro

4 (3.4%)

Red Black Aggro

3 (0.25%)

Red Black Dragons

2 (1.7%)

Green White Devotion

2 (1.7%)

Dragon Megamorph

2 (1.7%)


5 (4.2%)

We have already done a couple of Deck Techs yesterday. As the day unfolds, you should check out Han Bing's White Blue Dragons, Shota Yasooka's Raptor Ascendency, and Toshiya Kanegawa's and Makahito Mihara's Dragon Megamorph decks!