Deck Tech: Dragon Megamorph

Posted in GRAND PRIX SHANGHAI 2015 on May 17, 2015

By Ben Swartz

When Dragons of Tarkir came out, the dragons of the format really shifted the format. The Dragonlord creatures were the first that players decided to build around. And, here at Grand Prix Shanghai 2015 there has come another Dragonlord based deck.

Toshiya Kanegawa and Makihito Mihara

Japanese World Magic Cup representative, Toshiya Kanegawa, and Hall of Famer, Makihito Mihara came up with a new spin on a Dragon deck. It's almost as if they took all of the good dragon cards from Dragons of Tarkir and threw them into a green-based megamorph deck

Makihito Mihara’s Dragon Megamorph

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Kanegawa was the first to discuss the origins of the deck: "About two weeks ago I began looking at Standard in preparation for GP Shanghai. I first started working with a deck based around Dragonlord Ojutai and Dragonlord Dromoka--Ojutai Bant. But, not having access to removal was crushing. I noticed on Magic Online players using Ojutai Bant were beginning to splash black--that piqued my interest. I wanted to get a fresh pair of eyes on this idea so I decided to contact Makihito Mihara."

"When I saw this, I became immediately interested," Mihara shot back.

"As soon as you added black, the mana base needed some help," Kanegawa explained

"In the early game Satyr Wayfinder and Deathmist Raptor lay the groundwork for an early defense. In the late game you unleash a dragon barrage," Mihara mentioned with glee.

"Thanks to Haven of the Spirit Dragon, you can easily cast your dragons and get back the ones in your graveyard," Kanegawa explained.

"Satyr Wayfinder plays double duty here; it protects you in the early game and stocks your graveyard with juicy dragons for Haven of the Spirit Dragon," Mihara continued

"Presently, edict effects are plentiful," Kanegawa went on.

"Yeah, and Deathmist Raptor and Den Protector protect us from them and allow our graveyard to pack a punch," Mihara interrupted.

As for the matchups, Kanegawa thought that his deck had a good grasp on the metagame. "Esper Dragons is a really good matchup. Because we also run dragons and our non-dragon creatures are sticky, Crux of Fate isn't really effective against us. Thanks to 4 copies of Haven of the Spirit Dragon, we are likely to win any drawn out game. Similarly Abzan Control is another good matchup"

"On the other hand," Mihara countered, "Atarka Red and Abzan Aggro are not so great. It really requires you to have your removal at exactly the right time. It's because of this that we devote so many sideboard slots to those matchups."

"It's really important to have access to black removal. When I played Bant Dragons, it was impossible to deal with a Stormbreath Dragon, for example," Kanegawa illuminated.

"Yeah, and if your opponent plays anything good, you can just snatch it away with Dragonlord Silumgar," Mihara said with a smile.

Mihara has reason to smile; with a perfect 9-0 start on day 1, it looks as if this crazy creation might just be good enough for a top 8.

(Special thanks to Testsuya Yabuki for help with this article.)