Finals: Yuuki Ichikawa (Abzan Control) vs. Devsharan Singh (Green Red Dragons)

Posted in GRAND PRIX SHANGHAI 2015 on May 17, 2015

By Chapman Sim

900 players entered the tournament and only 2 are left. The match between Yuuki Ichikawa and Devsharan Singh would be the final one of the day. All that stands between them and the champion trophy are each other.

Ichikawa was at 33 Pro Points prior to this weekend. If he wins, the 8 Pro Points he receives would bump him up to 41. Along with the guaranteed 3 Pro Points at Pro Tour Magic Origins, that brings him up to 44 and only 2 points away to renew his Platinum status.

Yuuki Ichikawa is very close to achieving Platinum status once more.

Devsharan Singh, like Ichikawa, was also playing for his very first Grand Prix title. But instead of playing for Platinum, he was playing for a shot to become the Malaysia National Champion. With the win, he could instantly surpass the current point leader (reigning Malaysia National Champion Raymond Tan) and possibly earn a seat to the World Magic Cup in Barcelona as the new captain!

Game 1

Devsharan's first few turns were pretty classic for the Red Green Dragons deck. With the aid of Rattleclaw Mystic, he powered out Ashcloud Phoenix and Stormbreath Dragon on turn four. In just a single attack, Ichikawa was down to 12 life.

When Devsharan swung with both creatures again, Ichikawa had Abzan Charm to kill Ashcloud Phoenix but Devsharan stopped Ichikawa when he tried to deduct four from his life total.

"Make that eight," Devsharan said gently as he bestowed Boon Satyr upon Stormbreath Dragon. Facing an eight-powered dragon, Ichikawa's was quickly down one game in the finals.

Yuuki Ichikawa 0 – Devsharan Singh 1

Game 2

Devsharan started with Elvish Mystic and a facedown Den Protector, but lacked a fourth mana source. Ichikawa had Satyr Wayfinder, finding Llanowar Wastes to cast Hero's Downfall on the morph.

Devsharan Singh faces mana troubles in the second game.

When Satyr Wayfinder charged into the red zone, Devsharan tried to block with Boon Satyr. The crowd winced when Ichikawa used Dromoka's Command to  fight the mana elf while forcing Devsharan to sacrifice Boon Satyr.

Siege Rhino was the final nail in the coffin and they reached for their sideboards for the last and final match of Grand Prix Shanghai.

Yuuki Ichikawa 1 – Devsharan Singh 1

Game 3

Since Devsharan lost the previous game, it was his turn to begin this time round. This was a significant advantage especially when he summoned Elvish Mystic on Turn 1.

However, he was unable to capitalize on the boost. His hand was awkward. Den Protector. Roast. Crater's Claws. And a bunch of lands.

No dragons in sight. Have they forsaken him at the final hour? Ichikawa made use of his opponent's lack of action to smooth his mana with the help of a pair of Satyr Wayfinders.

Devsharan eventually decided to "Fireball" Ichikawa for 4 damage, not wanting to waste a precious turn. Ichikawa's surprise was visibly apparent, and happily went down to 16 life.

Ichikawa's Tasigur, the Golden Fang and Dromoka's Command seemed to have put Devsharan too far behind. He took out the morph and put a +1/+1 counter on Tasigur, deftly playing around the Roast in Devsharan's grip of cards.

Down to just five life from the attacks, Devsharan watched as Ichikawa added a pair of (irrelevant) Deathmist Raptors to the board. The writing was on the wall and Devsharan extended the hand.

Yuuki Ichikawa 2 – Devsharan Singh 1

Congratulations Yuuki Ichikawa, our Grand Prix Shanghai 2015 Champion!