A Peek at the Field

Posted in GRAND PRIX SHANGHAI 2015 on May 16, 2015

By Chapman Sim

Grand Prix Shanghai 2015 is underway! As players began to shuffle up, I raced around the room of 900, looking for thirty of the most esteemed players. While some are more accomplished than others, all these players are awesome in their own right!

Name Country Accomplishments
Au Yong Wai Kin Malaysia Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur Top 8
Cheng Tung-Yi Taiwan World Magic Cup 2012 Champion
Fabien Li Singapore Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur 2014 Champion
Han Bing China China National Champion
Huang Hao-Shan Taiwan Grand Prix Taipei 2014 Champion
Joe Soh Malaysia Two-time Malaysia National Champion
Kelvin Chew Singapore Pro Tour Return to Ravnica Top 8 & Singapore National Champion
Ken Yukuhiro Japan Pro Tour Avacyn Restored Top 4 & Grand Prix Singapore 2013 Champion
Kuo Tzu Ching Taiwan World Magic Cup 2012 Champion & 11 Grand Prix Top 8s
Lee Shi Tian Hong Kong 4 Pro Tour Top 8s & 6 Grand Prix Top 8s
Li Bo China World Team Champion 2009 & Grand Prix Shanghai 2012 Champion
Makihito Mihara Japan Hall of Famer & World Champion
Nam Sung Wook South Korea Pro Tour Journey to Nyx Finalist
Park Jun Young South Korea Grand Prix Minneapolis 2014 Champion
Raymond Tan Malaysia Grand Prix Kitakyushu 2013 Champion & Malaysia National Champion
Rick Lee Malaysia Grand Prix Manila 2012 Finalist
Ryan Luo Singapore 2 Grand Prix Top 8s
Shaun Khoo Malaysia World Magic Cup 2013 Team Member
Shota Yasooka Japan 2 Pro Tour Top 8s & 19 Grand Prix Top 8s
Shuhei Nakamura Japan Hall of Famer & 5 Pro Tour Top 8s
Zhang Meng Qiu Hong Kong Grand Prix Kitakyushu 2013 Champion & Malaysia National Champion
Sun Bo China 3 Grand Prix Top 8s
Terry Soh Malaysia 3 Grand Prix Top 8s & Invitational Winner (Rakdos Augermage)
Teruya Kakumae Japan 2 Grand Prix Wins
Tiago Chan Portugal 2 Pro Tour Top 8s & Invitational Winner (Snapcaster Mage)
Wu Tong China World Team Champion 2009
Yam Wing Chin Hong Kong Grand Prix Washington D.C. 2014 Top 8
Yuuku Ichikawa Japan 2 Pro Tour Top 8s
Yuuta Takahashi Japan 3 Grand Prix Wins
Yuuya Watanabe Japan 3 Pro Tour Top 8s & 7 Grand Prix Wins

Here is a collective summary of what they have brought to the tournament today. The Abzan Houses is very well-represented to nobody's surprise, but there are still some interesting choices.

Deck Number
Abzan Aggro 9
Abzan Control 5
Mardu Dragons 3
5C Dragon Megamorph 2
Abzan Megamorph 1
Bant Megamorph 1
White Blue Control 1
White Green Megamorph 1
Jeskai Dragons 1
Ojutai Bant 1
Red Green Dragons 1
Sultai Megamorph 1
Sultai Whip 1
4C Raptor Ascendency 1
Esper Dragons 1

In particular, we will also be doing Deck Techs of the 5-color Dragon Megamorph and the 4-color Jeskai Ascendency as the tournament elapses. Piqued your interest yet? Do check back in with us a while later if you're curious!