Quarterfinals: Li Bo (Abzan Control) vs. Devsharan Singh (Red Green Dragon)

Posted in GRAND PRIX SHANGHAI 2015 on May 17, 2015

By Chapman Sim

Li Bo is one of the more accomplished players in the Top 8 this afternoon. Aside from a World Team Champion title, this was Li's third Grand Prix Top 8 and he was playing for his second Grand Prix title.

You see, he was crowned Grand Prix Shanghai Champion three years ago, and was hoping to repeat the feat. Playing the very same deck he brought to Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir, he has successfully navigated it through the treacherous field. Let's hope his Abzan Control deck continues to cooperate with him.

Devsharan Singh on the other hand was playing in his very first Grand Prix Top 8. His trusty Red Green Dragons deck was great at flying through the skies. It seemed like a great choice this weekend in Shanghai, judging from the popularity of green decks flooding the tournament hall.

Game 1

Li was unhappy with his initial seven and also his next six, so he was forced to go down to five. Devsharan led with Elvish Mystic into Ashcloud Phoenix, which was swiftly exiled with Abzan Charm.

Devsharan Singh quickly locks up the first game with Goblin Rabblemaster and Crater's Claws.

This allowed Goblin Rabblemaster hit the battlefield, and Li Bo's answer for it was Siege Rhino. However, Devsharan cleared the path for Goblin Rabblemaster (and his pair of minions) with Arc Lightning and Draconic Roar.

Li hoped for Elspeth, Sun's Champion to save his life, but received Sorin, Solemn Visitor instead. Down to just 3 life, he blocked as necessary, and used Bile Blight to clear away the three goblin tokens and and seemed to have stabilized.

"Sorry bro," Devsharan murmured, as he drew the lethal Crater's Claws off the top two turns later.

Li Bo 0 – Devsharan Singh 1

Game 2

Devsharan kickstarted the game with Elvish Mystic and used his extra mana to summon a mystery Morph on his second turn. Li had most unfortunately kept a removal-light hand and watched in terror as Devsharan's brutal start dismantled him.

Flipping up Rattleclaw Mystic, he was able to summon a pair of Ashcloud Phoenix in succession. Li did not have his Abzan Charm this time, and could only buy time with Hero's Downfall. Devsharan added Boon Satyr to the board and even Siege Rhino could not save Li from the aerial assault.

Li Bo finds no solutions to the pair of Ashcloud Phoenix racing through the skies.

Li's tournament had come to a swift end, but he should be happy to have qualified for Pro Tour Magic Origins. "Most of my MTG Mint Card teammates are qualified, and I'm really happy to be joining them in Vancouver!"

With that, he extended his hand and wished Devsharan good luck in the semifinals.

Li Bo 0 – Devsharan Singh 1

Devsharan Singh defeats Li Bo and advances to the semifinals.