Round 4 Feature Match: Kelvin Chew vs. Raymond Tan

Posted in GRAND PRIX SHANGHAI 2015 on May 16, 2015

By Ben Swartz

In the fourth round of Grand Prix Shanghai two national champions faced off. From Malaysia came Raymond Tan and from Singapore came Kelvin Chew. Both players brought Abzan Aggro decks with them this weekend. Using heavy hitters such as Siege Rhino and Wingmate Roc and backed up by powerful spells such as Abzan Charm and Hero's Downfall, both players hoped to make quick work of each other. Coming off of two byes and a win in round 3, only one national champion could escape round 4 unscathed.

The Games

The two players began the first game by developing their boards: Chew with a Fleecemane Lion and Courser of Kruphix and Tan with a Fleecemane Lion and Rakshasa Deathdealer.

Chew's land situation was a little suspect; he quickly fell to 12 life thanks to Llanowar Wastes and attacks from Tan's creatures, sitting with a pair of uncastable Hero's Downfalls in his hand.

Kelvin Chew

When Chew went to trade his lion for Tan's, Tan cast Abzan Charm—saving his lion and dropping Chew to 6.

Chew had a pair of Siege Rhinos in his hand, but only had access to Sandsteppe Citadel. This gave Tan the opportunity to cast a Rhino of his own and drop Chew to 3. When Tan cast a Surrak, the Hunt Caller on his following turn, Chew turned to his sideboard in preparation for game 2.

Raymond Tan 1 – 0 Kelvin Chew

Both players began the second game with Fleecemane Lions. Chew found a second lion, and, when he offered a trade, Tan blocked and used Abzan Charm to make his lion a 5/5.

Tan removed Chew's second Lion with another copy of Abzan Charm. Under the pressure of the 5/5 Chew was forced to hard cast a Den Protector.

Raymond Tan

The two traded blows back and forth; Tan quickly dropped to 4 after he found his 5/5 Lion exiled by Abzan Charm. Tan fought back, however, playing a Warden of the First Tree and a Fleecemane Lion. After Tan used Self-Inflicted Wound to drop Chew to 6 and without access to a fifth land for his Crux of Fate, Chew crumbled to Tan's army.

Raymond Tan defeats Kelvin Chew 2-0