Semifinals: Hu Jin (Red Green Devotion) vs. Devsharan Singh (Green Red Dragons)

Posted in GRAND PRIX SHANGHAI 2015 on May 17, 2015

By Ben Swartz

While the other Semifinals saw a battle of Abzan decks, this one, between Hu Jin and Devsharan Singh, was a battle of Red Green decks. Devsharan, a doctor from Kuala Lumpur, brought Red Green Dragons with him to Shanghai--a deck he dubbed "the Shanghai Dragons." He thought that the matchup versus other Green Red decks was good: "It's all bursty--you think you're safe but you're not," he explained.

His opponent, Hu Jin, had a different take on the color combination with Green Red Devotion. Hu hoped to power out large threats as quickly as possible. It fared for him well thus far in the tournament, but would he be able to deal with burst of Devsharan's dragons?

The Games

Devsharan came out of the gates quickly in the first game with a third turn Thunderbreak Regent and a fourth turn Ashcloud Phoenix. All Hu could muster was a pair of Courser of Kruphixes.

Hu Jin

When Devsharan attacked on the following turn with his two flyers, he made it 12 damage by Bestowing Thunderbreak Regent with Boon Satyr, leaving Hu at 8 life.

Hu had one turn to make it count; with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, he had access to 8 mana. With 8 mana he cast Polukranos, World Eater and Rattleclaw Mystic. He then played another Nykthos and used it to generate 9 mana. He made his Polukranos Monstrous and used it's ability to force Devsharan's Phoenix to rise from the ashes face down.

Devsharan untapped and found a 6th land. With it, he unmorphed his Phoenix and took the first game.

Singh 1 - 0 Hu

Again, Devsharan had an aggressive start to the game: Thunderbreak Regent into Stormbreath Dragon. Hu had only an Ashcloud Phoenix at his disposal.

Devsharan Singh

Hu made the decision to trade blows back and forth, putting Devsharan dead on the following turn, but leaving himself tapped out and at 10 life.

Devsharan pounced. He cast a Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker and attacked for the win, propelling himself to the finals of Grand Prix Shanghai.

Devsharan Singh defeats Hu Jin 2-0 and heads to the finals!